boiling blood

boiling blood
coagulates like milk
clogging thoughts
thwarting permeation
to the heart

raging senses
flame anxiety
heat depression
lacerate hope
of the mind
as blood thickens
the heart hardens

like curdling milk
the soul sours

no contentment
in cool flowing breezes
only writhing anger
in hot spiraling winds

animated refuse

animated refuse

15 thoughts on “boiling blood

  1. That is some impressive writing AnnMarie. Love your drawing it’s awesome! Wrote 2 stories today working on a version of ‘Snow White’ where I play Snow White. Different take on the story I think all the girls will love it. I have to keep cleaning my VCR some of those tapes are dirty but the movies have been fun. Finally what it feels like to be healthy!!!


      • Thanks AnnMarie you are the greatest person of all time! Your welcome! I am writing again today and on a roll. I have a shocking confession to make I haven’t been a good friend to my vcr. Every time I turn it on to watch a vhs tape I fall asleep half way through the movie. Just tired of all the writing I do these days. My vcr is understanding though. I am glad they still make vcr cleaning tapes. I am going to plan a movie marathon when my hot writing streak dies down but as of now I am on a roll I got some funny lines in the story I am writing now. A lot of AnnMarie appearances in my stories for good luck.


  2. Blood Boiling, that’s just about what I feel like if I don’t have my coffee in the morning.
    Yikes!! What a beast! I wouldn’t want to meet up with the likes of this guy. This illustration is so dynamic! Love it!


  3. Ouch!
    “Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”
    And did you know …
    “Scale of dragon; tooth of wolf;
    Witches’ mummy; maw and gulf”?
    (Shakespeare, of course:))
    Hearts should never harden,
    souls should never sour,
    minds should never be undernourished.
    Ya got this one on the mark, AM;
    the metaphor’s cookin’ and so
    is your prose — and your
    incredible art is … well,
    incredible — as usual.
    I’ve been here;
    it ain’t grand.


    • Yo ho ho…Deb
      Thank you. I much appreciate. This one was one of the first to purge the old grey matter – as was the drawing…
      Hope you’re feverishly writing away 🙂
      Loved the Shapiro book, thanks again – so very inspiring!


  4. …there is SO much movement and agitation in these words…turmoil and chaos…well chosen words that conjure up a state that one would NOT want to find oneself in from choice! Your “scribble” has so much depth and movement also! Wonderful combined talent…both writing and drawing, refreshing and spontaneous…very well done, my friend! 🙂


  5. Yeeow!!! Those teeth!!! Have been bitten by two different dogs in my life and these teeth are indeed blood curdling!
    The poem – says so much. Holding in or “stuffing” emotions and it’s consequences — so well described here. Juxtaposition of boiling blood and sour curdled milk is absolutely perfect!
    So great to have you back . Am catching up this last hotel morning.


    • Ah, thanks Lillian.
      I’m rounding on my 3rd cup of joe then it’s a busy morn – gotta take the son to wrestling practice at school, I’ve got 2 morning art lessons and hopefully some time of my own for my writing and art later ’cause I’m selfish that way 🙂
      Thank you for your words here. Hope your hotel accommodations are fine and the coffee portable 🙂


  6. Once again your art and words are so perfectly matched, even though that critter was not what came into my mind reading the poetry. Well done! It sounds like you have a great busy/creative day planned. Enjoy! – Fawn


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