“Gary Paul Geidel (December 11, 1956 – September 11, 2001) was a New York City Fire Department firefighter killed during the September 11 attacks shortly before scheduled retirement. His brother Ralph Geidel, also a firefighter, helped in the 9/11 rescue effort as well and around 2014 died of complications attributed to toxins he inhaled at the scene.”  Wikipedia

I did not know Gary personally, I did not know his family, I painted this for a friend’s mother who knew Gary’s mom very well.
My father’s cousin’s husband was in one of the towers – he didn’t work there – he’d been there only for an interview – on 9/11 his story changed to past tense


for all the other days

we keep these days
certain ones only
to honor, remember, appreciate
ultimate sacrifices made
for the belief in something profound
something greater than ourselves
unity in freedom
power of choice
pride in open mikes
and a stage
whenever we want to sing
regardless of the song
in this place
I am
respectful of loss
contemplative now
for morose memories that stick
in the minds and hearts
of those who went
of those who go
regardless of the political scale
weighing this place heavy
when stripped down
to sweating flesh
panicked beating hearts
rattling the bones beneath
they still moved
they still move
where they felt they had to go
where they are instructed to be
their journey
wouldn’t always come
won’t be
full circle
this is the essence
of this day
these days
remembering individuals
like you and me
giving away the only thing they had
regardless of your thoughts or mine
remember theirs
not just today
not just here

for all the other days
let us practice honoring
so we don’t have to honor
any more dead

Lone Soldier

Lone Soldier



this is a time of us

this is a time of us
what of us
define who we are
can we do this
we can do this
move forward
from past
into future
wearing the hide of civilization
pumping the heart human
stowed tolerance
like discovering fire
hidden deep
dig down
rise up
can we do this
we can do this
gentle existence
is it not possible
it is possible
wearing the skin of humanity
the hide of civilization
without these trappings
naked bones
unable to survive
none can
none will
this is a time of us

SImon Says Peace

Simon Says Peace


Originally published 9/11/14

For Americans, September 11th has become a day of reflection. On this day we remember the fallen, the injured, the loss, the lessons, the heartbreak, the world…

On that pristine cloudless day in 2001, the New York skyline was blackened. Americans were shocked by tragedy. What happened afterward was nothing short of spectacular. A collective spirit rose up like a phoenix. We grieved a long while then began rebuilding the fallen stone.

After 9/11 many of us looked for ways to help out. I painted hundreds of beach pebbles then planted myself in front of the local grocery store. I sold these rocks for $1 but many teary eyed people donated so much more.
9:11 rocksThrough the generosity of many, I was able to donate over $1,200 to FDNY Rescue 1. They lost eleven men, half their company. The portrait below is of FDNY Rescue 1, Firefighter Gary Geidel (44 years of age), lost 9/11/2001. This portrait went to his mother.
Gary GeidelThere are many parts of the world that can’t look back–their lands are still war zones. I pray for worldwide peace. It is very, very difficult…but not impossible.

For those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001, my thoughts are with you on this sad day.

independent together

repetitive pops in the distance
rapid fire noises
hot air popper blips bring me back
to college dorm days
sucking caffeine at 3am
studying at 4
sleeping at 5
waking at 7
firecracker practice
airborne bubbling sound bytes
too feeble for thunder
the kind you visualize with hydrogen kaleidoscopes
from my porch the night sky is void of color
cheap firepower like my thoughts
July Fourth
United States Independence
always thought being independent together was interesting
Grandma Gulli was born on July Fourth
she was independent together
her husband was an angry alcoholic
she had bigger problems than putting on successful fireworks
why don’t I think of her much anymore
I remember hot air popcorn
my mom visits her mother’s grave
and remembers
it was difficult for a long while
their lives were like firecrackers
bursts of noises
hollering reds and oranges, flaming yellows
crying blues wet
Grandma Gulli used to work at a paper factory
I wonder if she ever thought about setting fire to the paper
watch it crackle
maybe take away the pain
diffuse her broken heart
with smoke signals
this July Fourth
I will remember Grandma Gulli
I will remember those who would have been tried for treason
I will be independent together



Eagle done in 2008 – original donated to raise money for local high school (all night party)
geez, I’d like to go to an all night party;)

Doing my ‘dad’ post for my father’s b’day – early July

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you DADS out there!

VIPs are Very Important Patriots

Dear Friends,
Many Americans live lives relatively sheltered from international heartache. The fact I was remiss in writing a “Thanks to Vets,” post reminds me of how comfortable I am. I have much to be appreciative and thankful for. In my fervor to rework by buggish blog, I overlooked creating a thank you post for American Veterans everywhere. I apologize for my blogcentricities of late.

Thank you Veterans…

Lone Soldier
Thank you. May you dream of freedom for all people.

Lone Soldier sketch originally created for 9/11 post.

Off With Their Heads!

Dear Friends,
It’s ‘amazing’ this United States – this glistening “city upon a hill.” The history behind Puritan America and the English Civil War – as with any documented birthing – was freakishly inhumane at many turns. The pains, and I mean pains suffered to eventually separate church and state ‘somewhat.’ I had no idea what I was getting into when I selected, Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul at our local library. For the past week, I’ve listened to John Barry’s book on CD, beginning with the days in merry old England when kings were whacking off ears, boring holes through tongues, and my personal favorite hanging the offender, then cutting him down while still alive, castrating – dare he think about procreating, disembowling and finally chopping off ye head and skewering the distasteful object on a stick.

My ever-vigilant sixteen-year-old, mentioned Roger Williams College as a place of interest for furthering her education. I hadn’t put it together, until I realized Roger Williams was one in the same. This man’s story is a fascinating one. Oh, I’ve decided I like Roger Williams very much. He chose the “chaos of freedom and the loneliness of it,” to wealth, comfort and political power. He held the fundamental idea of live and let live. He sought religious toleration of all and for all. Roger Williams was an original thinker. He was also decent, caring and an uber-intelligent human being.

I’ll like Roger Williams even more if he doesn’t cost $60,000 a year 😉



Thank you. May you dream your ears remain attached so your dreams don’t fall out…
Scat created while under duress of listening to repetitive hung, drawn and quartered scenarios…