the balls of her eyes


he doesn’t care, we should

hi there –
The Avocet is a fabulous homage to nature and all its creatures – print issue available for ordering – a worthy and noble cause
I’m placing my poem – he doesn’t care – below:

he doesn’t care

he doesn’t care about crowns
he doesn’t know he is a king
he doesn’t care
his only kingdom is survival
we attached a silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine specie classification
all listed below us
we name each
for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we covet
unlike the magnificent beasts who
fly, leap, sprint, swim, glide
in ways that make us
desire trophies

we must manufacture superiority
we love roaring–
we are the rulers of this kingdom
you are only– 
 King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you

book love and shower lust

my poem, dogeared inspiration, in FOXGLOVE JOURNALmy poem, dark magic, in FOXGLOVE JOURNAL

I footnoted these 2 pieces in FOXGLOVE Journal before on previous posts, but I should have presented them better,
supporting the wonderful creative journals that support writers and artists – thank you😘
(photos courtesy of Foxglove Journal)

when you are a storm

he will be there when you aren’t
he will know when you don’t
he will want you when you’re broken
he will stand near when you’ve fallen
he will make room for your art
he will stay when you leave
he will be there when you return
he will sing when you’re hoarse
he will befriend your inner foes
he will be calm
when you are a storm



Flollowers and Rocky Sequels

Dear Friends,
I give these flollowers as a thank you for stopping by my humble blogcabin. After ten months and three versions of anntogether, I think I finally got the hang of basic blogging. And you know what, it’s only scary in the dark.
Flollowers I thank you for returning – through the prequel, the original and the sequel (which I hope runs a very long time). It’s been like the Rocky franchise minus three movies. 🙂

Movie Eyes

Movie Eyes

Rocky Poster
This is my favorite poster of all time. Rocky stuck by me in my youth on my purple bedroom wall. I still remember clear as day, waiting anxiously in the movie house, the lights dimming, the grand white ROCKY letters sliding across the screen as Rocky’s theme music amped up…

Thank you, my friends. May you dream of sleeping in a garden of beautiful sunflollowers and your personal Rocky. YO ADRIAN!

Flollowers Beastie pencilled together several weeks ago, but was lost for a while.
Movies in My Eyes Guy created months ago. Both dudes are rendered with Prisma pencils.