harvest moon secrets

maternal nightmares

scary baby masklittle witch babies and tormenting black skies
gusting wind
long dark dresses swinging like death bells

a frail newborn with antlers growing
crying out as it tries to lift its weak neck
ocean-deep in salted sweat
those early months


a pink infant
without bony deciduous growth
or skull-sunken cheeks

seventeen Halloween moons gone by since,
those first seconds
one more fall harvest
until her
perfect little face departs


scary baby mask, mixed media rendered a few weeks back…
the first time I was pregnant: during the first trimester, I had many bizarre dreams–some were nightmarish, others surreal like Dali paintings…my oldest is now 17 and college planning is on, lots of positive dreaming 🙂

Good Weather Shaman

Dear Friends,
Here in our little area of New York we’ve had the kind of rain that soaks through your clothes faster than you can say Kenmore. And yet, there are other areas of the world that would be grateful for a trickle. I tinkered with a good weather shaman…

Rain Maker

Rain Maker

Thank you and good night. May you dream of exploding fireworks made from colorful rainwater and sparkling stars…