maternal nightmares

scary baby masklittle witch babies and tormenting black skies
gusting wind
long dark dresses swinging like death bells

a frail newborn with antlers growing
crying out as it tries to lift its weak neck
ocean-deep in salted sweat
those early months


a pink infant
without bony deciduous growth
or skull-sunken cheeks

seventeen Halloween moons gone by since,
those first seconds
one more fall harvest
until her
perfect little face departs


scary baby mask, mixed media rendered a few weeks back…
the first time I was pregnant: during the first trimester, I had many bizarre dreams‚Äďsome were nightmarish, others surreal like Dali paintings…my oldest is now 17 and college planning is on, lots of positive dreaming ūüôā

Hitchhikers Are Not Wolves

Dear Friends,
Though I’m done with subbing for the year, I drove my kids to school this morning. They generally ride¬†the bus, unless they¬†present a convincing plea.¬†The delicate daughter has perfected the art of pleading. This morning’s plea began last night. She had the Chemistry Regents today and was concerned about AM cafeteria crowding…. The big son’s eighth-grade graduation was¬†also today.

After the AM school drop off, I merrily made my way back home. I was thinking about what to¬†wear for¬†the “Recognition Ceremony”¬†and was hoping¬†I plucked everything in need of plucking. Not fully concentrating, I had to pull my giant vehicle left to avoid a gent walking roadside. If Nair and tweezers hadn’t been invented, we might be related. He was unkempt in appearance. He wore a cap which concealed¬†his¬†eyes. He was quite¬†thin¬†and¬†his shoulders were slumped, but he held his¬†fist¬†erect. His thumb was up and my head was¬†down. Why? Every time I pass a hitchhiker, I¬†picture Stephen King. Then I think – this person is not a wolf…

wolfI often brag how tough¬†I am. My inner-tomboy would whomp anyone bringing discomfort to¬†my loved ones.¬†Why does the little girl in me say, ‘keep driving….’ when she sees a thumb up. I feel tremendous guilt passing hitchhikers by, but I continue to do so. Maybe if the times were different, maybe.¬†Hitchhikers are not wolves…hitchhikers are not wolves…

Thank you and goodnight. May your dreams be protected by Sweet Lobo of Moon Clan.

(This is a detail¬†of a 5′ x 5′¬†oil painting on canvas, I think I painted this wolf about 6 years ago)