maternal nightmares

scary baby masklittle witch babies and tormenting black skies
gusting wind
long dark dresses swinging like death bells

a frail newborn with antlers growing
crying out as it tries to lift its weak neck
ocean-deep in salted sweat
those early months


a pink infant
without bony deciduous growth
or skull-sunken cheeks

seventeen Halloween moons gone by since,
those first seconds
one more fall harvest
until her
perfect little face departs


scary baby mask, mixed media rendered a few weeks back…
the first time I was pregnant: during the first trimester, I had many bizarre dreams‚Äďsome were nightmarish, others surreal like Dali paintings…my oldest is now 17 and college planning is on, lots of positive dreaming ūüôā

lessons earned

you’ve gone about halfway
so close
righteous peppers your tongue
your decades of experience
shower unadulterated minds
your determined suggestions
penetrate virginal ears
then the moon flips
your waxing tongue is stifled
nature in her amusing way
has pushed you out
and laughs at your wrinkled brow
she flawlessly accepts
what you won’t admit
children are whirlybirds in the wind
and the only thing you control
is where to sow the little seeds
in your vegetable garden
Caroline and Max spirit


Photo – delicate daughter (now 17) and big son (now 14) standing in front of mural their mom painted in 2004.
Zebras prisma penciled in 2008

Money Whales and Wolverines

My Friends,
This weekend I sketched¬†a gentle¬†humpback whale and an uncooperative wolverine.¬†When uncertain with specific morphology,¬†drawing animals¬†can be¬†challenging.¬†My¬†bathtub is a tad tight¬†for a frolicking whale, and I dare say a feisty wolverine would snack on¬†Mojo the Dachshund. Since I can’t have a play-date with a whale or¬†wolverine, I need to¬†rely on resources. I use my general knowledge to imagine¬†the subject first then¬†roughly sketch out a preferred pose. Next, I research¬†multiple image sources¬†and¬†study them noting specific characteristics. I move on to studio¬†reference books,¬†i.e.¬†Animals in Motion.¬†I use this text to get a sense of bodyweight and movement. Finally, I¬†combine¬†this¬†visual knowledge with a¬†bit of¬†improvisation to render¬†a critter I can call my very own. This is important if one hopes to get published¬†and have¬†no concerns¬†over royalties or copyright issues.
I’d like to introduce you to my newest friends, Henry Humpback and Willard Wolverine born today.

Below Henry and Willard’s¬†pencil sketch, is a post from¬†January 2014¬†‚Ästmy first month into blogging. It mentions¬†whales. Notice¬†the clever¬†segue ūüėČ
whale and wolverine

Posted January 2014

My daughter is in tenth grade. Today¬†she¬†will peruse college course offerings with an eye toward the¬†future. She’s unsure what she wants to do, or who she wants to¬†be. She’s interested in two things ‚Ästmarine biology and making money. At the tender age of fourteen, whatever she decides will probably change.¬†But as long as she’s filled with cockeyed-optimism, she can keep a positive outlook¬†when¬†if they begin downsizing at her job.

I wonder if there is an employment opportunity out there for rescuing money-spouting whales. ūüôā

Thank you. May you and your pet wolverine dream of sitting in a whale’s belly for some quality reading time.

Charlie’s Ears

My Friends,
Yesterday’s doll conversations¬†brought back¬†fond memories of a¬†cherished childhood friend. His name was Charlie. He had curled pink fur and bright blue eyes that somehow didn’t seem right, but were.¬†I remember many a¬†dark night when Charlie¬†was my cuddle pal.

I can’t remember why I cut Charlie’s long ears off. They were most¬†likely cropped to better match his eyes. I can’t recall what eventually became of my beloved pink buddy. Maybe he ran away in fear. His little lunatic owner might chop¬†off his balled tail which didn’t look quite right, but was.

Charlie DogIt’s funny how sometimes making new friends can remind us of old lost ones. My blog buddy, Deb has an impossibly adorable dog named Charlie. If you’d like to see precious Charlie along with¬†all his other four-legged house¬†buddies visit C-Dog. Deb is a brilliant wordsmith and a great champion of animals in¬†every conceivable color, even pink. And Fawn of Trigger’s Horse,¬†handles her mom’s cherished doll collection with warmth and pride. Fawn is a volunteer extraordinaire and a multi-talented craftsperson.

Thank you. May you dream of your favorite childhood friend.

Charlie Dog drawn yesterday with misting eyes and markers