Money Whales and Wolverines

My Friends,
This weekend I sketched a gentle humpback whale and an uncooperative wolverine. When uncertain with specific morphology, drawing animals can be challenging. My bathtub is a tad tight for a frolicking whale, and I dare say a feisty wolverine would snack on Mojo the Dachshund. Since I can’t have a play-date with a whale or wolverine, I need to rely on resources. I use my general knowledge to imagine the subject first then roughly sketch out a preferred pose. Next, I research multiple image sources and study them noting specific characteristics. I move on to studio reference books, i.e. Animals in Motion. I use this text to get a sense of bodyweight and movement. Finally, I combine this visual knowledge with a bit of improvisation to render a critter I can call my very own. This is important if one hopes to get published and have no concerns over royalties or copyright issues.
I’d like to introduce you to my newest friends, Henry Humpback and Willard Wolverine born today.

Below Henry and Willard’s pencil sketch, is a post from January 2014 – my first month into blogging. It mentions whales. Notice the clever segue 😉
whale and wolverine

Posted January 2014

My daughter is in tenth grade. Today she will peruse college course offerings with an eye toward the future. She’s unsure what she wants to do, or who she wants to be. She’s interested in two things – marine biology and making money. At the tender age of fourteen, whatever she decides will probably change. But as long as she’s filled with cockeyed-optimism, she can keep a positive outlook when if they begin downsizing at her job.

I wonder if there is an employment opportunity out there for rescuing money-spouting whales. 🙂

Thank you. May you and your pet wolverine dream of sitting in a whale’s belly for some quality reading time.

19 thoughts on “Money Whales and Wolverines

    • She knows there are no huge salaries to be found in seashells, but her young romantic plan is to do what she loves and make money on the side. 😉 She’s now 16 and has been leaning toward business 🙂
      Thank you for your sage advice 🙂


  1. Well, well, well — all of your research, visual imagination, and improvisation have certainly paid off this weekend, AM. Henry Humpback and Willard Wolverine, welcome to the world! Beautiful work. Question: I know of several kids Caroline’s age who are interested in marine biology, and I’m just curious why that is, if there was a movie, book, or something else in the culture that seems to have sparked an interest in that field (and I think it’s great!). Bravo, friend, 🙂


    • Morning, Deb.
      These mammals will be the death of me 😉 Thank you for the mammalian thumbs up 🙂
      Caroline’s high school has a marine bio course – many schools off this as a course. I think today with environmental awareness and what’s happening to our oceans and the creatures that dwell there, more kiddies have a sense of duty – I also believe a beautiful romantic notion exists about oneness with the ocean and a great white whale 🙂


    • Thank you, John.
      I didn’t change anything. WP has been behaving strangely. I emailed the WP gremlins twice with no response yet. I hope I don’t suddenly fall out of the sky. Have a great day. 🙂
      I’m anxiously awaiting oodles of snow!!!!


  2. Sweet segue, and even sweeter drawings! I loved your explanation of the process…reminded me of many,many years ago watching Mom sketch and turn roughed-in shapes into critters (it was very close to magic). The daughter of an old friend is a vet tech, and worked for several years with a dolphin rescue outfit in Florida. Every time she posted a picture of herself snuggling or playing with a dolphin, her tagline was “Did I tell you I get paid to do this?” She loved her job and it made her happy. Is your beautiful daughter any closer to deciding what to do for college now that she is a year closer to going?

    Happy Monday (yes, I am a day behind). 🙂 – Fawn


    • Caroline is maintaining terrific averages in her accelerated classes while working 3-day weekends too. She’s got the right work ethic and is a great teen on her way to being a responsible adult.
      She’s fairly certain she’s taking the business road with marine bio as a minor. I think when she was younger – the romantic notion of the ocean caught her fancy. In the end, Fawn – who knows, as long as she remains as she is now – nearly perfect in every way (ah, spoken as only a mom can speak ;-). Now, if I can just get my eldest to clean her horrid room!
      Ah, from whence you get your talent – watching an adored artist at work 🙂
      AM 🙂
      We’re getting snow and more snow – jealous California girl? 😉


    • When my daughter was 4, she made up a song about humpback whales. If I remember her lyrics they went: A humpback whale, humpback whale, humpback whale, humpback whale…
      They’re are beautiful, those humpback whales, humpback whales 🙂
      Thank you, Nancy.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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