Life is Short

My Friends,

Life is short
Throw jellybeans at a giant
Challenge a lion to a dueling roar
Whisper into the wind’s ear
Sail the ocean aboard a paper boat
Howl at the moon during sunrise

Life is short
Live it long…
bullbloardmy tablecar and max on roadThank you. Dream until you fall asleep
Kitchen bulletin board and studio table photographed 7 pm tonight. My kiddies photo taken twelve years ago.

12 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. Miss AM, you have put my feelings into words tonight. Yes, life is short — and we’re here but a blink of the eye. As the priest said this a.m., the most important thing we have is each other. All of those loving faces on your bulletin board, and of course those adorably sweet little faces in the last photo — they are your greatest gifts for which you can be forever grateful (and I know you are). And those pencils and markers — they give the gift to those who get to see what you and your talent can do with them! And for that, we/I am grateful. 🙂 P.S.: I’m thinking of you and your family during this winter storm; please stay safe and warm! And remember: No snowball fights! 🙂


    • Hi Deb.
      Hope all is well today. These words landed on looseleaf last week while subbing and I thought last night was the proper time to send them over the land and across the sea.
      Thank you for your kind words. I think the greatest gift is truly being able to recognize and appreciate the gifts we’ve been given 🙂
      And the huge storm appears to be kind of a bust. Looking out the window this am, stuff is still coming down but it’s a wet mix with no 2 feet of accumulation as promised – now 2 feet of snow would have been an awesome present! We’re all keeping warm and having sn’ow’ fun ;-). Hope you, Bob and the crittters are well too. Definitely a great coffee morning!
      AM 🙂


      • Morning, Miss AM! I’m up, I’m at ’em, and … I thought your words were perfect. And thank God for looseleaf paper! Sorry about the storm — well, I guess, I see (in the comment below) that snow is blowing and coming down again. Either way, what a beautiful gift of a day! (As long as you don’t “have to” go out in it — except to play!) Bob’s off to work, so now I can work, 🙂 Critters all fine and accounted for — hope yours are, too. On my 2nd cup as I type these words ….


  2. This may be my favorite of all your posts, AnnMarie! Loved the glimpse of your work-in-progress table and the precious picture of your kids as little ones. Sweet dreams – Fawn


    • Ah, thank you Fawn.
      Posting daily with a new piece of art is becoming a bear as I’m trying my very ‘bestest’ to get a project ‘deer’ (had to use that with a bear) to my heart rolling and hopefully published one day. So. I hope writing free verse sometimes – the only poetry I can legally create because I’m not a poet, suffices as art when accompanied by photographic symbolism 🙂
      Have a wonderful snow free day, California Crafter (hey, I like that!)
      AM 🙂


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