Zealous Zombies

My Friends,
I hope the morning conversation I had with the big son gives you a smile, before darkest night settles into your bedrooms.

Setting: This morning. I’m in my studio working. The big son is in the family room connected with teen buddies via his mystical Xbox.
Action: Studio phone rings. I answer. Nana (my mom) is on the line with a tech question. The big son handles all grandparent technical issues.

Me, “MAX-”
Big son, “WHAT?”
“MAX, I need your help-”
“Ugh!” Speaking into his headset, “Guys, if I die just leave me there.”
Big son enters studio. “What, mom?”
“Nana’s on phone with a tech question.”
Big son takes receiver, assists Nana then ends phone call. “Mom, I was killing zombies!”
“Aren’t zombies dead already?”
“Yeah, but they can still run really fast-”

zombie skunkape

Ah, to be dead and still run really fast 🙂
Thank you. May you dream of outrunning zombies…
Pencil sketch raised from earth yesterday.

15 thoughts on “Zealous Zombies

  1. That surely did give me a smile, a chuckle even. Particularly knowing my sons zombie probably killed your sons zombie. Or killed him again……. Good point though, aren’t they dead already?!


  2. Love that line, Miss: “Ah, to be dead and still run really fast”! (which I guess, “tech”nically, Max gets the credit for). 🙂 Very funny exchange — I can see/hear/feel this conversation taking place as if it were in the next room. Love the funny dialogue! I don’t know zombies enough to outrun them, but I dare say some days I believe I AM a zombie on the run! In addition, great art, Miss — I would definitely run from that dude. 🙂 Have a great Wednesday, and don’t (wait for it!) … be a zombie. 🙂


  3. I just can’t wrap my head around the whole “zombie” concept…even vampires make more sense to me! But I love that big son is the tech guru around your house. That is my son-in-law’s job here!

    I hope the big snow storm missed your house and you’re all toasty warm! 🙂 – Fawn


  4. It’s funny how the younger generation is automatically relied upon to fix tech problems. It’s like that in most of my friends houses too. Grandparents call their kids, and then the grand kids come in and tweak it. It’s a three generation fix, lol.

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