The Truth About My Art

My Friends,
When someone places an artist’s hat upon my head, I often feel unworthy. I’m not glued nightly to a canvas. I’m not angst-ridden at 3 am. I don’t take myself very seriously.

The truth about my art…
There isn’t a prestigious fine art degree, but there is greatly advanced naiveté.
There haven’t been decades of rendering, but there have been years of creative struggle.
There isn’t an artist hiding in my house, but there is one hiding in my brain.
There isn’t a grand studio filled with en plein air studies and sable brushes in old coffee cans.
There is a room off the kitchen built with a hammer and nails,
by a creative husband for his emotional wife.



I hope this painting (featured once before) keeps my blog’s PG13 rating – as I consider these subjects nude, but not naked 🙂
Thank you. May you dream of wearing many hats and loving them all.

Self is one of my larger acrylic pieces – 4 ft x 4 ft. Painted in 1997 (if memory serves)

42 thoughts on “The Truth About My Art

    • I’m at my most happiest when melancholy, or is it the other way around I’m at my most melancholy when I’m happy – maybe the giant husband is correct – I’m just confused. 🙂
      I stopped being depressed at 25 years old when I decided to be happy.
      I guess, in truth, Glenda – I’m mentally prepping to push myself artistically with my writing and art. I wanted to put this out there so I could begin with a true first step – honest self-assessment of where I think I’m beginning from.
      Thank you always!
      AnnMarie 🙂

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  1. This feels like one of those deja vu moment for me, AM. This painting — God, I think it’s simply breathtaking. This is the piece I mentioned before, wondering if you consider it a “self-portrait” (since it’s titled “Self”). I love the triad, the shades of blue, and the movement of line. Really, a visually stunning work, AM. And while I think it’s often a good idea not to take one’s self too seriously, anyone who looks at this painting — and surely that includes you — must take its artist/creator seriously. Finally, about that K-husband — what a great guy to build his wife her own studio! Go, Keith! 🙂


    • It’s 10 pm and me and both eyes made it! Those 2 bums are beginning to close on me, but I can make it to 10:05 pm for a friend 🙂 You are correct as always. It’s a self-portrait of sorts with the onion theme – layers. Way back when I did this piece, I was quite down on people judging people from the outside (specifically, the societal pressures, real or implied, placed upon women to look a certain away) I of course, in my largeness took offense to that, took it way too personally instead of shucking it off to some people judge – not all – and AnnMarie it’s time to grow up you big freakin’ baby. Then there are other themes – I was raised Catholic and there is what could be a strong but sorrowful Mary and her son…then there is the headless green figure…layers and more layers…though I called this Self, it probably should have been titled, Selves 🙂 In the house we’re in, my original ‘studio’ was a small room attached to a larger room where the piano was. I asked Keith if he could push out the wall and increase the studio or I’d have to start putting my art supplies in our kitchen possibly blocking the fridge 😉 He really did a great job and I love my space!
      And now, I’m operating with eye slits.
      ‘Til tomorrow
      -AM 🙂
      Thank you for your thumbs up bright


  2. The woman you described perfectly fits my definition of “artist”, AnnMarie! A little bit angsty, not completely confident, but becoming more and more open to her art. Your heart (and maybe even some of the beings frolicking in your head) comes through with every piece in such authentic ways. And that husband of yours…he rocks! Hugs to you tonight – Fawn


    • Fawn – as I wrote this I wasn’t really feeling blue, but more introspective. Thank you for your kind words. See, now if we did live closer. you’d have to bring me fudge today 🙂
      I’m fortunate to have Keith – he keeps me normal 😉
      AM 🙂
      Have a great day 🙂


  3. I don’t know whether I have told you that my Lily when she was little wanted to be an artist “when I grow up”. I told her she didn’t have to wait to grow up, when she did her drawings and writing she was an artist, right then and there. – Fawn again


  4. We can all get hung up on some romantic cliché of what an artist should be. I think, that by going into the studio, when one can, and doing what one can, makes us already into artists.


  5. Didn’t some wise philosopher opine: Truth is beauty, and beauty, truth? Either that, or I read it in a fortune cookie. But it rings true, which explains why you and your art are beautiful… : )


    • Hi Mark,
      Fortune’s cookies are humanity’s great levelers – they make us laugh while telling us what we already know, but won’t admit – and then they provide a yummy treat to soften the blow 😉
      I thank you so very much for your kindness. Coming from one with talent such as yours and an endless sense of brilliant humor – I’m beyond ecstatic! And slightly blushing 🙂
      What a great way to start the morning!

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