Charlie’s Ears

My Friends,
Yesterday’s doll conversations brought back fond memories of a cherished childhood friend. His name was Charlie. He had curled pink fur and bright blue eyes that somehow didn’t seem right, but were. I remember many a dark night when Charlie was my cuddle pal.

I can’t remember why I cut Charlie’s long ears off. They were most likely cropped to better match his eyes. I can’t recall what eventually became of my beloved pink buddy. Maybe he ran away in fear. His little lunatic owner might chop off his balled tail which didn’t look quite right, but was.

Charlie DogIt’s funny how sometimes making new friends can remind us of old lost ones. My blog buddy, Deb has an impossibly adorable dog named Charlie. If you’d like to see precious Charlie along with all his other four-legged house buddies visit C-Dog. Deb is a brilliant wordsmith and a great champion of animals in every conceivable color, even pink. And Fawn of Trigger’s Horse, handles her mom’s cherished doll collection with warmth and pride. Fawn is a volunteer extraordinaire and a multi-talented craftsperson.

Thank you. May you dream of your favorite childhood friend.

Charlie Dog drawn yesterday with misting eyes and markers

6 thoughts on “Charlie’s Ears

  1. Oh, AM, this was a pleasant surprise this a.m. … and I confess, I got a little choked up, too! I love your Charlie! I had a monkey called Joey, and now your tender post has brought memories of him back to me. You are so very kind to mention the blog, and what can I say about the artwork except that it’s unbelievably adorable (like your deer and pig, it now has a place of honor on my bulletin board, above my computer). And to be called “friend,” that indeed is an honor for both me and Fawn — and, of course, we’re both the luckier for it. Grazie, my friend, 🙂


    • Hi Deb –
      Subbed today and have 2 art lessons starting shortly –
      It was such great fun remembering Charlie. When I drew him, I was smiling because there he was, my old friend returned to me 🙂 I should have drawn him long ago.
      Your Charlie reminded me of my pink friend 🙂
      AM 🙂


  2. Ahh, AnnMarie, you sure know how to start off my morning! Your Charlie and my Violet would have been great friends. Violet the Purple Dog was crocheted for me by my Great Aunt Evelena for my first Christmas. He used to be tubular, but is now flat from being my pillow for many years. He is falling apart (after all, he is 65 years old) but still lives in my bedroom. Now I’m heading to Deb’s blog for a visit. Hugs – Fawn


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