gently now

humble citizens eternally petrified 
warm mammoths ice entombed
broken vessels anchored deep
hard lessons in dying
peaceful silence

go gently now

stallion skeleton

the old pyramid trick…inverted word triangle pointing to nowhere, or is it nowhere?
my, my, my crazy WP day with media snafus, love technology when it works:) though I must say the WP gremlins were fabulously helpful

15 thoughts on “gently now

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Feeling tired today. Watching wrestling from the 90s the good ‘ole days’. Need a few woo hoo’s from AnnMarie for luck for tomorrow’s NBA Draft Lottery so that The Celtics win the first pick in the draft. Anything AnnMarie touches turns to gold woo hoo! AnnMarie= Number One!


  2. I would say “the old pyramid trick” worked, and a lot more than “some,” AM. 🙂
    This minimalistic gem packs a wallop of poetic purity and prettiness —
    and darn if it doesn’t make a body think. And the art —
    wonderful, the shading, the lines;
    this fellow is quite handsome as monsters go …
    “go gently now / gently” — a ‘beaut of a last line.

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    • Hey DS
      I’d written this one, gosh, months ago and it was just sittin’ in the can gathering dust or becoming dust which would make sense – this is a case where I picked the art I wanted to use first. I find more often than not, it’s the other way around and I’m not sure why. Also, this piece was so very short and I haven’t done short in a long while – I felt like I was sneaking something by – not sure why that is either:)
      I didn’t catch the pyramid shape until I was finished – then pushed some words around to exaggerate the triangle a bit more:)
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts here – learning am I:)


      • Short people, short prose, short poems–all good, AM. 🙂
        Interesting that you choose the words and THEN the art. Well, feel blessed that you have that “problem.” I’ve sometimes got the words (sometimes), but no art–which makes my choices pretty slim to none, 😉 As a “pyramid scheme,” this one definitely succeeds.

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  3. LOVE this! The words first: the shape is perfect for the meaning. So well done to add to the feeling of the piece. And the last two lines — can be a soft meaning to the poem….that these things have left us and rest now and we must tread quietly so as not to disturb them…..or when I read it again, they could be the warning that we must begin to take more care, be gentle on this earth so we do not bury more to extinction. Just a wonderful read.
    And the drawing…I can look carefully and see the lines and imagine the pen/pencil, charcoal on its point in place and then on its side a bit more shading….and how that turns out like this creature….well, your talents never cease to amaze me. Quite the way to start the morning, tippin’ my morning cup to you my friend! 🙂

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    • Hi Lillian,
      The words began as I had in my head the poor Pompeii citizens – those sad images of the adult cocooned around the child, the curled dog…and I wanted to end with a resting thought to ease the pain…death went hand in hand with this piece of art – the art I did while on a sub break a few months back – I had time to work up a background – normally I’m not all that interested in putting my beasts in environments – but I wanted to play on the edgy bone work for those “stalagmites” in the distance
      thank you for your generous and kind words
      too late for coffee now it’s wine then sugar-free cocoa for a treat

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