songs of silences

deformed putty pink

robbed of warm breath

contorted sweet necks
tar bubble eyes bulging

frail unfeathered waxy torn

foiled unsung tiny raptors

never will gush
broad kite wings against the wind

meander upon the thermals

winter’s white bone chanced a kill
stuffed down bright 
spring’s dark bosom

stalks cradled
strapped with dried fall grass

gentle summer kisses will not carry
overlapping notes 
sung in threes

new harmonies in pubescent throats

echoing from fresh limb to sailing cloud

undeveloped triplets all

delicate melodies
small and quieted

in the driveway
sad little chicks

 baby birds
in her songs of silences
nature candidly reminds us

she is both
judge and jury
warblerI wish this piece wasn’t here or anywhere else – but I hope it serves as a eulogy
for those baby birds – may they fly in eternal peace

art created last year for an illustrated project

11 thoughts on “songs of silences

  1. Nature really is “both / judge and jury,” AM, and like you I too wish this kind of post didn’t have to be written, didn’t have to be published.

    BUT … since it unfortunately must be written, who better to do it than a kind-hearted, animal-loving, empathic blogger such as yourself. You know, this is just one of the things I like about you–immediately felt a kinship with you–and that’s your interest in those who need a voice, those wee ones and 4-legged and 2-legged ones, as well as those who are disenfranchised. That you would think to write with these subjects in mind is admirable, commendable. And you do it so well. Beautiful *verse*, beautifully sad and true. Lovely art, of course.

    Don’t let me forget: idea re: E (sort of goes along with these thoughts, your post here).

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    • something a warm-blooded creature that can no longer fly – tugs it does

      was a bad week for birds here in little Salisbury – found a dead bird at Millie and Billy’s too

      thank you for your gentle thoughts here, DS


      • Sorry to hear the birds are having a hard time of it in your neck of the woods, AM. Yesterday while I was at my computer I heard a big thud on the window and knew a bird that had flown into it–fortunately, no fatality. I guess springtime, gorgeous as it is for some, can be brutal for others.

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  2. oh…..finding baby bird robbed of life is so very sad. When I was on the job, my office was way up high with wide windows that looked out on the building across the way. A hawk family built their nest on the same corner ledge every year and we reveled in watching those eggs hatch, little fuzzy hawks, then hopping along the edge before they learned to fly…mama hawk soaring and bring food (dead mice sometimes). We got attached every year. And then one morning, we came to work and there was “mama” hawk, on the ledge, eating a baby hawk that had obviously slammed into the window – perhaps returning from its first flight? I had to close my blinds — and never did look out to watch that “family” again. hmmmm hadn’t thought about that in a while.
    I prefer to look at the photos my son sends of the bluebirds nesting by their home…they’ve had good luck watching all those little ones beg for food and then ultimately fly away 🙂

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    • what a story, Lillian
      this is exactly why I can’t watch nature shows – she’s a tough master
      I didn’t realize hawks ate their dead young – logical, but oh my…
      closing the blinds – if we could only do that each time – birds especially are so very delicate – so sad when they perish before their time
      your son’s photos, now those you can stare at with both eyes open:)

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      • It’s why I could never watch “cowboy” movies or westerns growing up — the riders would always pull back on the reins and the horses legs would buckle and they would fall. I hated Rin Tin Tin because he was always in dangerous situations and to this day, I despise the circus. Again — so so alike! 🙂 Did you know we had two beloved German Shepherds for many years??? 🙂

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      • lol
        when my brothers watched any Alamo, Davy Crockett type movies – I got so very upset whenever the horses went down but not so much for the people (what the heck does that say about me;))
        I’m with you on the circus too

        we do have much in common especially perfect taste when it comes to our four-legged friends;)
        happy weekend, Lillian

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