side by side

we hope our children view the world through rose-colored glasses
pray they live well, so their buckets won’t need lists
green bucket
we’ll try to respect their deep-seated thoughts
car leg
and teach them to respect those who have gone before
they must always believe they’re more magical than mermaids
lil mermaid
and understand playing dress-up is fabulous, as long as they remain young at heart
money bat
we’ll tell them it’s okay to think upside down
Caro upside down
and they’re the apples of our eyes
and when the world gets too big, they can hide under a blanket
and that same big world is full of wonderment
max laugh
we’ll let them sit in a red chair and do absolutely nothing
max red chair
and tell them they don’t have to smile all the time
painting image
as long as they keep their heads above water
max head above water
we’ll hope they love each other enough to hang out upside down
upside downand sideways
butt heads
but above all that they’ve learned–
love simply means standing side by side
carmax hugwith Caroline attending college this fall, and Max a high school junior come September, I’ve been waxing nostalgic
I published this post last year but have been thinking about it lately
damn, time wearing his ankle wings and over-priced Nikes sure does fly
xmas 2105

Spirit mural

16 thoughts on “side by side

    • it goes fast – what my mom and dad say watching their 6 kiddies and their grandkiddies..
      most importantly – Caroline and Max have grown into respectful and kind adults (though I don’t think Max is quite done growing yet, at 15 he’s tipping the scales over 260 and is passing 6′ and eating us out of our house!;)) but he’s a sweet teen just like his sister – we’re very blessed:)
      hope all is well and you’re managing okay, John

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  1. Beautiful post AnnMarie! And Beautiful children too! How are you today? I got a gluten free vanilla cupcake for you. I had the gluten free brownie it was magical. I did good with my diet I had a salad instead of my beloved burger at 99. That salad was very filling and taste great. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo 600 Woo hoo’s for the kiddees!


      • Yea the kiddies need some woo hoos too! Saw my dr today we tested my A1C I didn’t get the results yet Dr thinks A1C Will get worse based on blood sugar numbers I guessed that were my range for fasting sugars. I think it was not cool of him to assume myA1C is getting worse. He didn’t seem to sharp today I had to tell him 4 or 5 times what my med Geodon was for first he thought it was Diabetes then I told him it was Bipolar he kept forgetting that. I am dying to get my results the last 4 months I worked my butt off. It will be a crushing defeat if it goes up. But I’ll fight to the bitter end I’ve had disadvantages while trying to manage it. I have altered my diet to salads so I am going to see if I can’t keep my sugar low without needing tons of exercise to bring it down. I won’t stress over it though the big picture at 32 I got plenty of time to get my Diabetes back a lot better.


  2. I’m back — after a wonderful 5-day family gathering to celebrate life and 40th birthdays of my son and his wife. So much fun and laughter — and so I’m back to reading and writing and one of the first to be read is this. Delightful!!! And yes — time flies quickly — oh so quickly. Spouse and I were talking on the flight home — in reality, we have our children with us for a very very short portion of our married lives together. At least that is the prayer and the hope — and we’ve been blessed. This is a wonderful piece — enjoy enjoy enjoy. And aren’t we glad we have photographs? 🙂

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    • I can only imagine the laughter and warmth around any table of yours, Lillian.
      Yes, sadly the kiddies don’t stay too long. I’m hoping mine both will enjoy visiting their old mom and dad when they’re out and about, enjoying the planet:)
      and yes, so glad we have snaps:)


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