……………………………………………….the tunnel

want it bad?
it’s deep down

you might reach it
crawling on hands and knees
’til they bleed
stumble through the deafening black
clawing and scraping at the tight walls
fingernails ripping off
the tunnel
doesn’t use up life
it just takes time
a beastly eternity
if you make it all the way
shield your eyes
get back on your feet
the light is blinding
but fragrantly warm
now suck in that lucid sky
there’s not much time
next shadowless passage
is just over
the horizon
arnold pumpkinquickie sketch, was going to do a whole tunnel concept – truth be told – housecleaning day – damn πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “……………………………………………….the tunnel

  1. Geez, lady, you are defintely prolific tonight! Two posts!

    I have to say reading this poem made me feel claustrophobic (sp.?) — and that’s a testament to your fine writing & description; really nice, AM. And there’s also the “deeper stuff” under the words that appeals to me greatly (of course). The artwork and even the creative title (love all those periods used artistically) all make this one damn good post. Bravo!

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    • morning Deb,
      the inspiration for this was an actual ‘tunnel’ – the Liberty Science Center ‘tunnel’ – way back when I was a tad more insane even than I am now – back in my Girl Scout leader days – we took our troops to LSC – where – a. we stayed overnight (each troop got to pick their own area with hard floor and sleeping bags) I talked my little Daisies into sleeping in the bug section with the giant African cockroaches among other buzzing critters…
      b. I took 11 little 7 year-old girls thru what is called the ‘sensory tunnel’ – once we began with my dummy self on hands and knees in the lead I knew it was an enormous mistake. The tunnel simulated what it might be like not to have sight or sound – except – there was sound – lots of it – 11 little girls screaming and clawing at my ankles – it seemed like an ‘eternity’ …it’s one of those stories I get to laugh about now – not then
      thank you for you kind comment πŸ™‚


      • LOLOLOL, this (if you can’t tell by my acronym) is hilarious, AM — and I can envision you doing this. So you were a Girl Scout leader, eh? 10 bonus points there. I admire your choice of locales, especially with the African cockroaches (good way to immerse developing minds, πŸ™‚ and also good to get them to early on not be afraid of what those little minds can conjure). And then the tunnel — precious image. I’ve got a few of those “whatever was I thinking” memories as well, πŸ˜‰ I’ll betcha today all those little Daisies say that you were one cool Scout Leader.

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      • I was coerced into leading a troop. I finally got to bow out when Caroline no longer wanted to continue. There were a few exciting events πŸ™‚
        I was a little GS’er myself when little – I think I told you that – I joined to get cookies at meetings and to wear a different uniform every other Thursday πŸ™‚

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  2. …………………the title………….like I’m on my hands and knees crawling to get to the title……with little drops of blood leading to the title. This is an amazingly visceral poem. I FEEL like I’m crawling and scraping and hurting. Then I get to come out and gulp the air, only to see I’m going back under. Gulp. And the drawing……..burns into me. Very disturbing — which is what it is supposed to be….gets you under your skin!


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