Tidy Bowl Man

dinghyI have a sinking sense sometimes
the cork in my dinghy will pop out
while getting sucked down into a watery vortex  –
a horrifying image…

Do you know what happened to the
Tidy Bowl Man?
I’ll tell you if you don’t know or can’t remember –
his career ended up in the crapper.

I don’t want to end up
in the crapper
wearing a white sea-captain suit.
I don’t want to spiral helplessly down, down, downward,
while desperately crying out,
“…it works so you don’t have toooooooooo–”

I vow to always work. I promise to never be lazy.
And I’ll always keep a plunger nearby, in case I hear the Tidy Bowl Man’s plea 😉


LoBoat Illustration created a few months ago and previously published.

Fellow blogger and friend, Deb of C-Dog & Company and I often discuss the merits of keeping our respective creative dinghies afloat 🙂 One must keep their sense of humor when discussing dinghies, corks and creativity 😉

24 thoughts on “Tidy Bowl Man

  1. AM, this is definitely fun tonight (and the art is wunderbar — and thank you for putting it up top, more visible), but underneath, in the serious waters, is a talented writer/artist/artist/writer who has absolutely nothing to worry about the “watery vortex” or ending up in the “crapper.” You’re a hard worker, never lazy, and swimming in a sea of talent — and you’ll never need a pair of those sea-wings to keep you afloat (is that what they call those inflatable kiddie things?). No corks in your dinghy, Miss. The hull is airtight, solid.

    P.S.: Thanks for the nod, 😉


      • OMG! One more BIG LOL! I can just see your mom saying that 🙂
        hmmmmm I don’t usually “talk” in these OMG BFF LOL things….I think I need more coffee 🙂
        Your mom sounds great! 🙂 Like a mom!
        Have a great day……
        Talk about “potty talk” — plumbers are due in at 8:30 this morning and we will be without water (ANY water) in both of our bathrooms from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, for at least 2 weeks!!!! YECH!!! One downer of living in a high rise…..all N units from floors 2 through 9 going through this demolition and pipe replacement. Color me a bit frustrated today. Time for a lovely walk along the Charles….and then a trip to Macys to shop and use their bathroom! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Morning, Lillian.
        Wow – that’s a long time to be without ones own personal room of solitude. Hopefully, once the system is “fixed” all will be well.
        I guess there are tradeoffs for gorgeous views 🙂
        Enjoy your walk – the morning here is exceptionally gorgeous.
        My mom is a voracious reader and has been reading the Poldark series – now on PBS. We watched the first installment last night. It was entertaining and Poldark is much better looking than the Tidy Bowl Man 😉
        Happy Monday

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  2. I think we all need work, just like our dogs. We need to feel productive, to be able to point to a body of work and say, “I did this.” So, yea, do whatever you have to do to keep the Tidy Bowl Man from being flushed.


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