Rubbing Earth’s Elbows

My Friends,

the sun rubs earth’s elbows
the moon caresses her back
the wind feathers the soil
the rain cleanses her wounds
the fire titillates new life
the ice sculpts her bed
the clouds find purchase
the mountains alight
her muse sustains us
in perpetual current
as dried leaves fluttering away…

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Thank you. May you dream of the seasons – old friends conversing at a tea party graciously allowing one another time to tell their tales…

Galeen in Autumn, collage created a few months ago. Published in a prior post.

15 thoughts on “Rubbing Earth’s Elbows

  1. I love that image…I used to hold a Christmas tea the first Sunday in December for all my girlfriends and their girl children…life has gotten too busy at Christmas time. I’m thinking springtime will be better. You will be invited, for sure. 🙂 – Fawn


    • Ah, spring tea with a dear friend – now that’s a lovely dream indeed 🙂
      We lived in California long ago. I was just a baby. My dad at the time was studying Italian at the Berlitz school. I’ll have to ask him exactly where we lived while there. 🙂


  2. AM, if you aren’t the poetic heart beating on the page these past few days. This is gorgeous writing to go along with one of my favorite “Galeens.” And your prose ending is a sweet image indeed — old friends telling tales over a mug of hot tea (how’s that for alliteration?). Thank you for sharing your poetic gifts, Miss. We like! “More! more!” they cried.

    [And btw: Now you have me listening to that Neil Young song — it’s haunting and just so lovely.] 🙂


    • Hi Deb,
      I don’t know what’s going on. These things keep popping in my head. I’m sorry many of them are a tad morose. I envision my blogcabin a happy place. I’ll just go ’til the well runs dry (I don’t think the ‘water-phors’ are leaving you and me anytime soon 😉
      May the dinghys row straight and true
      AM 🙂
      The song pulls you in and keeps you in that sad place, but you don’t want to leave…


      • I re-read again this a.m., AM. I’m struck by the simplicity of the lines, which informs the beauty of the piece, but of course there’s no “simple” meaning, far from it. “Earth’s elbows” — God, you’re a freakin’ word-artist.


      • Yes, it’s Wednesday (happy Wednesday to you!), and dammit you do have an “intoxicating palette” to work with!!! I’d give my eye-teeth to have your verbal gift. (My dentist wouldn’t be happy about that exchange, though.)


      • Yes, I think I can use the piece on my blog once it’s been published (March 18th, I believe). Thank you for your sweet compliment! 🙂 I’m listening to Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” — gosh, is that rousing music, or what? Also just the right blend of melancholy. 🙂

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  3. I wasn’t done — darn Bluetooth keyboard! I also wanted to say: That sad place (of the song) is the beautiful place, for me. Sometimes I think sadness is really a strong feeling (asethetic) for the beautiful, a strong recognition and appreciation of beauty. It’s like when you listen to “O mio bambino caro” — there’s just something so transformative, powerful about the music, words (though I can’t understand them) … you’re just sort of suspended in that moment, which is a strongly-perceived recognition of living/life. There — how’s that for 2 cups of coffee already this morning!


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