The Land of Little

My Friends,

Long ago
in the land of little
a big girl smiled
she worked small movements
she moved in tight steps
she managed
to be small
in the land of little

Long ago
in the land of little
trotted a pony
the big girl smiled
life was pretty ponies
and giant dreams
stepping up
she was asked
to step down
too big
for the little pony

big enough
to hide the tears

big enough
to have
smaller dreams
in the land of little
mistyMay you dream of galloping on a prancing pony with smooth, satin grass underfoot…

Shetland Pony painted when I was little 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Land of Little

  1. Thank you, AM, for giving us more of your wonderful poetry. 🙂 I love-love-love the succinctness of the lines — they’re tight and controlled (like the little girl trying to control her emotions). I also admire how you’ve forcefully structured your stanzas, using white space to isolate the silences and underlying emotion. Wow! so wonderful, Ms. Poet!

    I could go on and on about the writing, but I’ll just mention about the subject matter: how sad, and how pivotal I’m sure that “moment” was for the speaker (you). Those little seconds, like the one you’ve presented here, are remembered forever and have much lasting psychic power. A person’s whole view of self can “ride” on these kinds of moments, although writing about them can certainly exorcise the sting, which is healthy. And moving on to the drawing itself: I must say the art is unbelievable, especially considering that you were a KID when you did it! (I was probably still trying to figure out how to put the crayons back in the box.) I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised at your early talent, though. Drawing (and writing!!!) are your gifts.

    AM, may you gallop on ponies of your own choosing without stepping down, and without ever, ever diminishing your dreams.


    • Good Mornin’ my friend,
      Many of your comments should be posts. I hit the return key and you know the reason why, when even I don’t 🙂
      I remember painting the pony – it was a proud moment as I thought it looked okay.
      The pony rides were part of someone’s b’day party. I had to sit on the bench and watch…I was awkwardly tall and 20 lbs bigger than my classmates, but geez, I think the guy could have let me ride one time around the little track… Though, he was doing his job and tending to the little horses 😉
      Thank you, Deb.
      AM 🙂
      Another 2 hour delay today


      • Well, I know my “comment” above was almost as long as a post, LOL. You do know why you hit the return key, it’s that musicality you have (speaking of music, I think you’ve Rick-rolled me with that Neil Young song — I catch myself walking around humming it!). The pony drawing is incredible! Do you remember Margaurite Henry (think I’ve misspelled her 1st name)? Your drawing reminds me of her books (she came to FW years ago and I got to hear her speak/got her autograph; I was in 5th grade). And yes, the guy should have let you ride the pony — he simply wasn’t thinking, wasn’t putting himself in the shoes of a little girl who loved horses. Another delay — lucky you! I can’t get over how light it is already this a.m. Hope you have a good day of subbing, if you’ve been called to duty. 🙂


      • You are an astute observer of art – the painting was inspired by Misty of Chincoteague. Misty was on my horse shelf with my Breyers collection and horse reading like, King of the Wind and The Black Stallion. 🙂
        Wow, that’s so cool you got to meet Ms. Henry!
        Thank you, Deb.
        AM 🙂


      • Aha! I knew it! Well, I and about 1,000 other kids got to meet her — it was during the Young Author’s conference. And here’s a weird synchronicity: Today when I was in the salon, trying to stay awake while my beautician made me blonde, I thumbed through some magazine and saw the name Marguerite (sp.?) in an article written by someone named Levy! Woowoo!


      • Keep the pen/pencil/markers moving! “Let the mind relax / so the heart and soul / can [move the hand] — had to ad-lib; you originally said “can push the keys.” 🙂 Yes, I’m so freakin’ blonde the kid at B&N didn’t even recognize me! LOL I’m struggling with Beast/Busco.


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