chapter 3

chapter one
chapter two

I knew
I realized

I pray
I can write
chapter three

before my spine
becomes unglued

joy august ripsaw

joy august ripsaw

15 thoughts on “chapter 3

  1. Chapter 3 is tricky. It has to do with how chapter 2 goes. Someone once said, “Do something each day to make it easier for your future self.” The image is wonderful. Love the intense look of the eye and curving hair.


  2. you can, if you start now and take it in little increments … of course, i’m reading this literally, which has gotten me into trouble before … but it’s true …


      • Good point … unless … in using those bricks you build a wall that eventually becomes a cell that keeps you from taking any steps, forward or back, which causes your feet to cramp which also keeps you from walking (which helps thinkers to think) and likewise causes your hands to cramp, which stops you from creating those marvelous words and art of yours … and which … nah, you’re right … we’ll all stay out of trouble most likely. 🙂


  3. Love stained glass girl. Ah….writers’ block….can be in the form of so many things…mental block, turkey to cook, laundry to do…Love your writing! Tippin’ my cup to you!


    • thank you, Lillian – I apologize – I keep falling behind in post reading – this will be happen for the next few weeks until all the ‘old folks’;) are settled in and my studio gets put back together – as it is now – I feel like I’m in a box of saran wrap surrounded by all this plastic…
      have a splendid day!

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