9 thoughts on “release

  1. AnnMarie I am back to writing horror books. I did 7 chapters today. It only took me a week to recover. For some Bipolar people it takes a year to 5 years to recover. Recovery time is different for everyone so I am lucky with the meds getting right and being back to my writing. The writing is going to take away from the stress big time. I wish I could write more today but we all have our limits. 7 chapters is the most ever for me


  2. So hard letting the children go. Our daughter went to Uni first and then moved across the world to Australia. We’re still ‘here’ for her, but it’s hard with that distance in between. But it’s also the only way they develop and become themselves as adults, eh?

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  3. I just commented on your mermaid poster — I LOVED it! And now, scrolling, I see this one. I really do think you can start a new genre of publishing, AM…..these would make fast-selling posters. So much appeal for so many. A new talent is born…..or at least since I shamefully have been absent so long from commenting on your work. Just returned from a 30+ day holiday of 3 back-to-back cruises: TransAtlantic from Miami to Southampton UK (stops in Nassau, Bermuda and Lisbon); Norwegian Fjords; Ireland and Iceland. Same ship and cabin the entire time. Absolutly stunning trip! Hoping all is well with you, my friend.
    Hugs from Boston!

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    • envious am I of all your spectacular travels! you must have amassed quite a stunning photo collection!
      how fabulous for you and your husband to take advantage of life!
      I’m still mind-traveling😉hoping to live the dream – a bit more to go before we can fly

      I thank you for your kind words, Lillian. I do so appreciate. I enjoy this more art/graphic approach – there was a time I thought I might go into advertising – thus the degree in Advertising & Design
      this approach is also such a tremendous time-saver
      hope all well in your wondrous world


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