If I Was Eight Again…

Dear Friends,
I didn’t save my childhood Christmas lists, but for some reason my 1971 Santa letter has followed me ’round from house to house. Below is the Santa letter I penned at eight-years-old. I remember my mom giving us these adorable cards to write our Christmas wish lists on.
8 Year Old Xmas List - front( My penmanship was neatest at 8 years of age) –
8 Years Old Xmas-writtenI’ve read the list above many times since 1971 always thinking what if…
My 2014 Santa list (written by my eight-year-old, inner-child) would look like this-
2014 Xmas FrontMy 1971 Santa list, with a few 2014 inner-child edits-
8 Years Old Xmas 2014Thank you. May you dream of peace on earth and in every heart…
2014 Inner-child Christmas Card rendered today after shopping and before giving art lessons.

My 1971 Santa list resulted in a pink stuffed dog named Charlie, a small zither and no rabbit. Our German Shepherd would have eaten it. 🙂
I still smiled wide every Christmas…my parents made Christmas wonderful whether we got our list or not.


Turning To Do’s into Ta Da’s

Dear Friends,
Summer break is so close I can taste it like a yummy cone from the Good Humor truck, June 1970. As is my habit, I’ve created an ambitious To-Do List with an equally obnoxious goal of early September. Ten weeks to accomplish twelve things.

list I wish I still believed in a 365 day summer break. When I was much younger and a little dumber than today, I thought we went to school for a year then enjoyed a year-long summer break. In my youth, the hot summer days seemed endless, each one melting into the next. The neighborhood kids were outside practically at sunup. A good kickball or baseball game could always be had. We youngsters weren’t permitted back into our homes until the streetlights came on. In my head these wondrous, slow summer days added up to a year – an easy mistake to make. Imagine my horror upon discovering school break was but ten weeks long.

I’m grownup now. I attempt tackling summer To-Do Lists like I do mural painting – one wall at a time. If I have to paint an ocean scene, I’ll run back and forth really fast before the latex paint dries…
First wall and first rule, always begin at the beginning-

paratroopersSame wall opposite end, start high-

heli big 2Coming down below the chopper, end low-

below chopper 2Adjoining wall, leap to next-
Vmural detail2Work down, here they come over Hummer Hill-
Vmural detail4And zero in on details. One last closeup of a bedroom whose little boy collected G.I. Joe action figures.

hummer close Personally, I like horses on walls-

spiritToday I’d vote for the One Year On, One Year Off – School Plan. If I had a year off, I’m practically certain I’d turn my To Do’s into Ta Da’s. Wouldn’t you guys vote the same?

Thank you and goodnight. Here’s to dreaming of accomplishments, both real and imagined…

(I painted all murals with good old latex paint and some enamels. Sorry image quality not great, these are photos of photos. The delicate daughter and big son – years ago, standing in front of  “Spirit” (from the movie) inspired mural. Today Spirit’s mural remains in the big son’s room, as he is very sentimental.)