Outside These Walls,

I hope you are all managing okay.
This piece was inspired by a game of Clue that I played with my children yesterday.
Hope it makes you smile. 🙂 I did while writing it this morning. ❤️
The art is something I created years back. I gave this piece to my amazing sister Virginia—an endless champion of earth and all children.

6 thoughts on “Outside These Walls,

  1. Beautiful words & art that come so easily from that creative & intelligent brain of yours, AM. I know you sprinkle some Italian pixie dust, bake & serve — and it’s delicious!

    Hooray to you for playing a board game with your kids. I can’t seem to sit myself down and play cards or board games. I’m too ADHD, I guess 🙂 I should give it a try, maybe it would make me a more observant person.

    Lovely post, as always!

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    • thank you, DS
      thank you for all your thoughtful words
      and support ❤️
      sometimes the words flow, and all those other times – well, you know 😊…

      I think the kiddies are opting for Monopoly later rather than Clue – yikes – will be a long freakin’ night 😁

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  2. Hi Am, mother earth and the universe will continue at its own pace. A beautiful cool spring day here, New leaf buds starting to cover the hedge rows, spring flowers breaking through. Spring paints some colour back into the world.
    May you and your family stay save AM. 🤗☘️

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