Outside These Walls,

I hope you are all managing okay.
This piece was inspired by a game of Clue that I played with my children yesterday.
Hope it makes you smile. ūüôā I did while writing it this morning. ‚̧ԳŹ
The art is something I created years back. I gave this piece to my amazing sister Virginia‚ÄĒan endless champion of earth and all children.

Reflections of Spring

Hello my friends,
Yesterday I was sitting in front of my (ashamedly) dirty laptop gathering my thoughts, when a springtime reflection inspired me…

Spring is a time for cleaning winter’s white dust from our homes. It¬†is a time for reflection¬†and renewal¬†–
laptopSpring is a time to face new doors of opportunity and be prepared to leap through when they open-

rock:moSpring is a time to sow the seeds of dreams and¬†cultivate¬†inspired thoughts¬†–

maxWhile traveling down the road of life, we shouldn’t spend too much time¬†reflecting upon past¬†choices –

car sideveiwWe may find we don’t¬†have all the answers,¬†but¬†if we pay close attention, life sometimes sends little messages in plain sight –

successAs¬†we nurture¬†dear optimism, we shouldn’t expend¬†effort¬†reflecting on what the future has¬†in store for us.¬†¬†We should believe¬†when one door closes another sometimes opens –

mebpRather then cling to¬†the past or dwell on¬†the future,¬†we should¬†cherish¬†the present surrounding¬†us –
sunsetAnd reflect in the¬†joy of Spring’s¬†beauty.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends…¬†(I will be cleaning my house, beginning with my disgusting laptop!)