‘The Iceman’s Helper,’ new poem published for a New Year!

thrilled to have this piece published in a beautiful journal – authors of Italian heritage  (click here to visit the first new edition of 2020!)

I wish my dad was still around – he would have loved this! Proud to be included in Ovunque Siamo
my poem “The Iceman’s Helper” was inspired by my father’s wonderful childhood stories, and the inset photo (my dad Vito W between my grandparents, Vito D and Grace). For Vito❤️

6 thoughts on “‘The Iceman’s Helper,’ new poem published for a New Year!

  1. What a perfect way to begin 2020, AM — Vito would be so very proud of his daughter! And so too, your dear mom (I hope you share this with her). Love this journal, the quality of the writing, the look of it — I’m going to start reading, for sure. Congratulations again, my friend! The dinghy is on the water and cresting on top of the waves toward the horizon!

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    • ah, ds – you found this journal for me – and i thank you again – i do so wish Vito was here – but, i remember he is in my heart and in the eyes and fire of my kiddies –
      my father had so many wonderful stories and i do miss him…
      thank you for your kind words

      now, let’s row those damn boats
      (lol just don’t get into a little boat on a big lake with a Corleone😅)

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