My Talented Nephew’s Work

I should have done this sooner—

that is, to share my nephew Daniel Kennedy’s brilliant work. Daniel’s heart, down to the raw insides, is exponentially compassionate. He is not only a thoughtful and decent young man, his writing talent is boundless. The dedication he pours into his craft is humbling to behold. It is my privilege and honor to highlight some of Daniel’s work here.

Start reading him now—before you have to wait on a bookstore line for his autograph!

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2 thoughts on “My Talented Nephew’s Work

  1. Man, talent flows like an ocean in your family!
    I read this story @ Bull recently and thought it was wonderful — please tell Daniel how much I admired his writing and storytelling! And I’ll be sure to check out his other publications as well — looks like he’s getting published in some great journals.
    And, AM, it’s so nice of you to have written this post about your nephew. Your kindness knows no bounds, and good karma shall come to you and your own writing in abundance (that’s fortune cookie prose there, my friend). 🙂 DS

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    • thank you, ds
      Daniel is an amazing young man, and I can’t wait until his first novel is published!
      I plan to share more of his work here.
      And thank you, my friend – for your generosity in both word and deed🛶
      ooo, love those fortune cookie innards😁

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