Burying the Dead Twice

gum tree

I am honored and thrilled to share my latest published essay Burying the Dead Twice. https://underthegumtree.com/

The writers, artists and photographers featured in Under the Gum Tree are exceptionally talented, and I am humbled to be featured among them. This volume is breathtaking, the layouts sublime. Order your copy today. Under the Gum Tree is worthy of coffee-table real estate:)

Those of us living on earth generously acknowledge that no good work is created in isolation. To this end,  I give a shout out to my dear friend and fellow writer, Deb Levy, for her 1,000 reads and sage suggedits (as we kindly call them).  I also give great thanks to Under the Gum Tree’s fabulous editor, Dorothy Rice. Dorothy’s editing vision transported this piece to a more intense and clear-storied place.

Thank you,

6 thoughts on “Burying the Dead Twice

  1. bravo AnnMarie! Another classic. Still got love of the monster in a secure place. working on a love monster story the monster the daughter of jason friday the 13th falls in love with the sheriff she kisses him then leaves the camp for 5 years the sheriff returns to the camp when she returns to kill the camp counselors its up to the sheriff to make a choice kill her or let the kids be killed. i have multiple endings for this book one he runs off with her they get plastiic surgery and get away two they kill each other and he tells sarah never lose her way three he just kills her which ending do you like best

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  2. Oh, my friend. This is a wonderful essay, wonderful publication, wonderful-wonderful-wonderful showcase of your extraordinary writing talent. Congratulations, truly. No need to shout me out — I love reading your work and am happy to lend my look-see anytime! Again, congratulations! 🍾🎉🎊🎈🥳 And hey: Did you change your banner above? I think so? I looks terrific!!! DS

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    • Well, you know when one has Writing Yoda in their corner – magic happens;)
      So, again – thank you Yoda 😄
      And thank you, for your kind words and endless support, my intrepid friend!


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