New CNF in “Hippocampus Magazine”!

Honored and thrilled to have my creative nonfiction piece, “Inside My Mother’s Mouth,” published in the elegant and smart, Hippocampus Magazine.
Always honored to share a glimpse into my beautiful mother’s world. I dearly miss the person she was for all those amazing decades.

Click the image (or highlighted text) to read onward. Visit, Hippocampus, and take in all the fantastic stories there…
This piece was written before the Covid-19 axe cut deep. It seems so long ago now that I visited Millie daily and helped her with the morning routine.
I hope you’re all continuing to manage during these difficult days. Stay safe.❤️
Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “New CNF in “Hippocampus Magazine”!

  1. Some of the most compelling art ever created springs from pain and suffering. The art doesn’t make the suffering easier to bear, and it certainly doesn’t explain the mystery of suffering, but it does connect people on the most basic human level– and that’s a wonderful thing. I shall keep your mom in my prayers, AM. Won’t say “Merry Christmas!” because it sounds so absurd, but I hope the joy and promise of Christmas– that ultimately God will wipe away every tear and draw all things to Himself– will help sustain you now and in the coming year. Hang in there, my friend.

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    • Hi there, Mark-
      ‘Tis been a trying year for all!
      I thank you for your kind thoughts and words here. It is truly okay to wish a Merry Christmas too, my friend.
      The most cherished gift my mom ever gave me was the beauty of knowing her smile. While she is still with me, I focus on the endless warm memories she created with her compassion, selflessness, and love of life. My mom packed 3 lives in one. Though I miss that person dearly, I take comfort in carrying her onward in my heart.
      Merry, merry to you and yours!

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