My Blue Boys in “THE BARK”

I’m so very proud to have an essay and portrait in The Bark, a wonderful online magazine dedicated to man’s best friend.
Tributes is a special online section dedicated to stories about our beloved dogs past.” —The Bark
Click image or highlighted text to visit, The Bark!

I hope you and all those in your loving circles are managing during these difficult days.❤️

6 thoughts on “My Blue Boys in “THE BARK”

  1. One of your best paintings and best pieces of writing, ever. Human feeling at its best. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all miss signs, that’s part of life, too, and a very painful one. No doubt in my mind that Rocky felt and knew your love his whole life. Again, great work.

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    • thank you, funny man
      I truly appreciate your generous words here.🌹
      Timing can be so very strange. I’d wanted to do a portrait of the guys for such a long time and finally just set my mind to doing it. The writing piece was finished with many tears falling on paper. We still miss that dang dog❤️

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  2. Yaay! I love books and all writing about animals. Good job AnnMarie your name is getting out there. Everyone should fall in love with you. Great artist, Great writer, Great Mother, Great Friend, Extremely Beautiful woman. I am telling you got it and when you got it never let it go!

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