We All See

Dear Friends,
We look up from Tahiti. We look up from Andora. We look up from French Guiana. We look up from Chile. We look up from Belgium. We look up from Gibraltar. We look up from St. Vincent. We look up from Macedonia. We look up from Cuba. We look up from Armenia. We look up from Senegal. We look up from Nepal. We look up…

We all see the sky. We all share the azure. We all see the clouds. We all share the billowy white. We all see the storm. We all share the ominous gray. We all see the sun. We all share the bright yellow. We all see the sunset. We all share the crimson. We all see the moon. We all share the silver-blue. We all see the stars. We all share…

We all see…

Dolores no frameThank you and goodnight. May you dream of the world’s people gazing up together, thankful for the sky…

Lady of Sorrows, 4′ x 3′ oil on canvas, 1997

12 thoughts on “We All See

    • You’re too kind. I thank you so very much for your equally uplifting words. 🙂 The blogging road I’m on appears to be leading me in a direction I’d like to maintain as much as possible – peace and light humor intermixed with family and friends…
      AnnMarie 🙂


  1. A lovely sentiment, AnnMarie. And for those of us who believe in such things, our loved ones are gazing down on us from that Heavenly sky. Sweet dreams – Fawn


  2. Beautiful message, AnnMarie. And yes, it’s true, we all do look up. Here lately, with all of these weird plane crashes and disappearances, I find myself looking at planes in the sky — and thinking, “No way in hell am I getting on one of those!” Of course, never say never. 🙂 But I do enjoy looking at the sky — it is so peaceful up there.


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