The Magical Slumber

Dear Friends,
A sleeping baby is magical. His flawless face bestows peace. His satin skin softens hearts. His bowed lips know only love…
Baby ElfThank you. May you sleep in the arms of sweet peace.
Baby Elf sketched in pencil last night and charcoal detailed today

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10 thoughts on “The Magical Slumber

  1. Your drawing of Baby Elf is so sweet and tender, AnnMarie, and the texturizing (is that an “art” word, or did I make it up?) is exquisite — I feel as though I could reach out and fluff those little bangs. And you’re right — a slumbering child (or even puppy or kitten!) is a magical thing. I can tell you have the holiday spirit, and I must say, it’s rubbing off: Last night in the grocery store as I was bagging the groceries (where was the bagger?), I caught myself humming Christmas carols! 🙂 Have a great, busy day!


    • I don’t do much graphite work, but it’s growing on me. Thank you Fawn. I really wanted to make a slumbering baby elf that I could look at in my studio for the holidays and perhaps forever :-). I’d love to see one of your mom’s drawings. Have you ever posted one?
      AM 🙂
      Happy Thursday


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