Of Peppermint Pigs and Promises

Dear Friends,
Sixteen years ago I learned about a 134 year-old Christmas tradition. The giant husband and I had been dining with friends during the Christmas holiday when one of the wives took out a small satchel. From the satchel fell a little hard candy, pink pig. My friend explained that the candy pig was broken and eaten for good luck in the new year. She told me breaking a Peppermint Pig was a longtime tradition. I was quite amazed and stunned that a Christmas enthusiast such as myself had never heard of a Peppermint Pig. The following year I learned about the Christmas Pickle…who knew…
Here’s a link to The New York TImes article, if you’d like to read about the Peppermint Pig’s sweet history.
Peppermint PigsNow there’s another reason for this post. A few weeks back I promised a wonderful blogging friend I’d show her how to draw a pig. So Deb, as promised, please see sketch below. It’s all about seeing the basic shapes and once you can see the shapes you will become a pig master 🙂
How to PigI don’t own pigs and Rocky the Shepherd refused to wear pink, so I used a few reference photos. (I just googled pig and picked a couple: animalia-life.com, all-creatures.org, greenprophet.com)

Thank you. May you dream of good fortune and delicious Peppermint Pigs.
And in the words of Turbo Man, “Always keep your promises if you want to keep your friends.” (Jingle All the Way – Holiday Comedy starring the cinematic giant himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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16 thoughts on “Of Peppermint Pigs and Promises

  1. Your Peppermint Pigs are absolutely adorable! And I have a Christmas Pickle in my collection of ornaments (along with a lovely collection of Christmas frogs). I love Christmas ornaments! – Fawn


    • Thank you, Fawn.
      When I researched P Pigs for this post, I was especially amazed to know the tradition dates back to the 1880’s. And the pickles I learned about a while back. Pickle ornaments are funkily endearing. I can most definitely picture you having a magical ornament collection. How did you come by collecting Christmas Frogs?
      AnnMarie 🙂
      I hope all is well there on the West Coast. There were a few articles here re: mudslides and deluges…
      Sounded like you just got a small piece of the storm system.
      Happy Monday 🙂


  2. Oh, AnnMarie, THANK YOU!!! If you could only see the smile on my face as I’m reading your post right now tonight, 🙂 This is like receiving an early Christmas present — an art lesson for drawing a pig — I love it! I can’t wait to get my pencil and paper out tomorrow and start practicing. Yes, I do see the basic shapes, and I see how they “become” the pig — amazing! This will definitely help me to “see” things differently — shapes, shapes, shapes, 🙂 And, I must say, lovely, LOVELY artwork — those pigs are so adorable I’d adopt them in a nano-second (what’s four more cuties?!). I’ve heard of the peppermint pigs, and maybe once, long ago, I might have even eaten a piece of the candy (and I do really like the tradition/reason behind it, too — I read the NYT article link).

    Thank you again, my dear blogging friend! You’ve certainly kept your promise, 🙂 Deb


    • 🙂
      Good morning, Deb.
      I’m so glad you like the piggy post. I said I’d draw a pig for you and I’d written a reminder note (as I tell my kiddies, “if you don’t write it down and in the calendar – it ain’t happenin'”). That note was on my studio table along with other “post-concept” notes and I kept reminding myself – “you told Deb, pig post.” So I started drawing pigs. Then I remembered Peppermint Pigs and thought, yippy, I can make it a Christmas post too – perfect! So you practice those pigs, Missy 😉 There’s actually a fellow up the road from me (I think he’s moving though) that has a black potbelly pig. Everyday during the summer, the little pig was outside like a cute, weird puppy :-). Real pigs are so very fleshy colored, so I was only to happy to make them much more cheesy pink! And then, me and my Christmas mush, had to add silly hats.
      AM 🙂
      How’s Sophie(a?) doing with the rest of the gang?


      • I’m so glad you started drawing pigs, AM, because you’re so darn good at drawing them (this artwork and the pig in the shell are solid evidence of that)! I’m in a coffee shop right now, but as soon as I get home I’m going to town on drawing pigs, so yes, I’ll will practice ’til I’m (almost) perfect! 🙂 Wish I had a potbelly pig in my neighborhood I could look at for inspiration! LOL I’m a Post-it person, too. They’re the only way I get anything accomplished.


      • I generally don’t draw pigs, in fact, can’t recall the last time I drew one, but they’re mighty fun. And I do love the movie, Babe. I wish I’d invented Post-its, now that entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about being out of work 😉
        So, am I to expect pigfect sketches from you in the near future? (sorry, couldn’t resist a little ham humor)
        AM 🙂


  3. Love the artwork and the story. You’ve inspired me to get back into art. I ordered myself a Darice ArtyFacts Portable Art Studio, 131-Piece Deluxe Art Set With Wood Case for under $20 and a Large Premium Drawing Pad 9″ X 12″ (Sketchbook, Sketch book) (Studio) for $5.99 from Amazon.com the other day. With my Prime account I get free 2 day shipping on anything so it should be here tomorrow. I’m excited! Where do I begin? It’s been 35+ years since I’ve actually drawn anything! LOL I’ll post my first efforts and dedicate them to you Ann. 🙂


    • Bravo, Bob! You pick up those pencils and get drawing. I’m guessing with your talented eye, your renderings are going to be spectacular, once you get warmed up. And I love 9″ x 12″. I do all my post art on that very size. 8″ x 10″ is just a bit too small and if I went any larger than 9″ x 12″ I wouldn’t be able to get as many pieces done. I’m constantly trying to improve my drawing and painting… I love Prime – it’s wonderful. So in 2 days time, the next Rembrandt will materialize 🙂 Enjoy ‘arting’ again! – AnnMarie 🙂


  4. Dang it! I wasn’t finished with my comment!!! As I was about to say: Don’t apologize for your Christmas spirit — it’s infectious (sp.?), and that’s the best kind of “infection” to pass along! 🙂 And as for Sophia (she and I are on formal names at this point), she’s doing fine, although she likes to hiss, and Charlie — who heads up the Welcoming Committee — has officially had his feelings hurt. But today we’re letting her out of her room so she can “mix it up” with the others — we just have to be ready to pounce and separate them because Sophie still has her front claws (an unfair advantage), 🙂 Again, thank you so much AM for your beautiful post (and my free art lesson — I “owe” ya!). 🙂


    • I know Sophia will fit in. I hope the full-home integration goes well… who knows, maybe you’ll become the “Cat Whisperer.”
      There’s no better lesson than a free one I always say!
      It gave me an opportunity to flex my ham hocks (ah, more ham humor) 🙂


      • Miss, you are on a roll tonight! Let me just say, my sketches will probably never be ‘pigfect,’ and with them I’ll never ‘bring home the bacon’ (ha!), but I did go out to B&N today and bought myself a $2.95 sketchbook … so I’m going to draw shapes until I’m blue (or rather pink) in the face. 🙂


      • lol!!!
        Your graphics could “bring home bacon” and feed your house of critters 🙂
        Now sketch away until you’re pigfect and “pink in the face” (love it!) 😉
        As I often tell my young art students, all you need to worry about art is, “enjoy the journey don’t worry about the destination.”
        AM 🙂

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