My Friends,

We lived as kings
none as fierce
We unleashed massive power
taking what we needed
Impenetrable as we were
we did not understand
our inability to punch through
the black clouds
We lived as kings…
TrexThank you. May you dream of blue skies and rainbows.
T’rex Battle created in the 1990’s using Adobe Illustrator and a mouse.

7 thoughts on “Dinophor

  1. You know what, AM — you have really given these giant kings the dignity they so richly deserve. Gosh, I really like them! I love the prose, too, and maybe that’s part of it, but all I can say is that looking at these two makes me feel … humbled and very much respectful of a species I’ve never known (and thank heavens never encountered). I really wish I could be a little more articulate here, I guess I’m just a little gobsmacked. So very strong indeed. The inability to “punch through the black clouds” — intriguing, beautiful (poetic) language.


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