Oh, come all ye faithful

Oh, come all ye faithful
to the hand of metal
to the arms of action
to the shade of mine
Oh, come all ye faithful
do not look away
do not compel
do not doubt
Oh, come all ye faithful
join the chain
join the spirit
join the mask
Oh, come all ye faithful
you are blessed
you are one
you are more
Oh, come all ye faithful
the time has come
the moment near
the foretold primed
Oh, come all ye faithful
on the water
on the dirt
on the cracks
Oh, come all ye faithful
leave your flesh
leave your blood
leave your ashes
Oh, come all ye faithful
where is ye heart
where is ye courage
where is ye faith?
May you dream of peace in the night and in the day and all the moments in between…
Detail from acrylic painting circa 1990

9 thoughts on “Oh, come all ye faithful

  1. Ah, lovely, AM. You know, I absolutely adore that painting (I’ve looked at it before, in your portfolio). One of my favorite art periods (is that the right term?) is German Expressionism, and this work of art so reminds me of something one of those great artists would do. In fact, do you know Kathe Kollwitz? Your painting reminds me a lot of her work. I’m big into her work and have several art books featuring her painting, sculpture, and printmaking. And of course the poetry — pure, passionate, pleading, and practical (how’s that for alliteration?), especially for creators: leaving your flesh, blood and ashes, and using your heart, courage and faith … to make art.


    • Morning, Deb – I just looked at Ms. Kollwitz’s work. I wasn’t familiar or just didn’t remember her name – I do remember a few of her prints. Her work is like a mash up of Ensor meets monochromatic Matisse meets Dante’s Inferno – wracked emotional line and powerful imagery. Thank you for sharing. I can see why you gravitate toward her work – so much soul.
      Thank you for sharing.
      It’s Friday! Need I see more πŸ™‚
      AnnMarie πŸ™‚


      • That’s a very good description of Kollwitz’s work, Miss! I like her and Beckman (sp.?) and Dix … now I’ve pulled out one of my books and I think I’ll have to peruse it again. Well, I just love that painting of yours — I see it as the book jacket cover to your book! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day, AM. Hope there are lots of budding artists for you to judge!

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