spectacular glow against the robust purple grey sky
leaves spiraling in wind directing thin branches to bow
unreal color drenching the landscape
but what am I seeing
not glorious
scratched pencil lines and spinning circles
into ovals with broad maws and wild fur
sharp orbs and blocky nostrils
I’m hearing too many voices
the wind is a sailing eraser
the wall

Art Wall 1Art Wall 2Art Wall 3Art Wall 5Art Wall 6Art Wall 7Art Wall 8Art Wall 4RHinopaper falling like leaves
almost home I look up through a tree
these are the falling papers
this is the wind
this is what I need to remember
this is why
I have eyes
autumnsketches done for students to demo different animals…
picture taken when I returned home from subbing
while standing in my driveway looking up

8 thoughts on “falling

  1. Ooooh I LOVE seeing all the sketches!! And somehow the sailing eraser image … Your mind and hands never cease to amaze me! Ah those kiddos have no idea how lucky they are!

    Keep looking up, my friend. After all, the head does tip a bit when we take a sip! 😊😉


    • I have animals on the brain. Beneath almost all of those drawings are 2 or 3 more of them – many of these kids picked the same images but were in different classes, so I had to demo the same animal several times 🙂
      Thank you for your encouraging words.

      Liked by 1 person

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