14 thoughts on “passed your usual faith

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Don’t be embarrassed Legendary writers make mistakes too. I am doing better my antidepressant is working and I am resting. I am keeping in touch with friends and helping others. When you help others you help yourself. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo

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    • thank you, John
      not sure if I’m going to keep the header for the long haul – right now it’s to promote my eBook version of my poetry/illustration collection –
      if I do decide to keep it, I’ll change the background (I’m assuming that’s what BG represents😊)

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      • Yeah, background. Sorry. I like web design and rework my site once in a while. The CSS is fun to mess with too. I noted the Left margin on your site needs to be increased, it butts right up to the edge of the page on my devices. Not a hard fix really…

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      • thanks, John
        you put the bug in my head
        funny, with the bright busy bkgd, I noticed the lacking white on my phone too – needs breathing room
        I don’t know how to do it though
        I’m a tech chicken
        is it a painless fix?

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      • You have to install the CSS (cascading style sheet) into your site if it’s not there already and find the code which controls the Margins for the post area then offset the right side Margin several pixels. You may want to consider another theme?

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      • thank you for the inspiration, John – to fix something that was buggin’ me awhile-
        I called upon the WP elves and they provided the specific fix I needed
        happy halloween


  2. This guy is stunning, AM (and scary as hell – wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley!). Still though, something in those magnificent golden eyes tells me he’s been persecuted as well and deserves our love, that he’s just barring his incisors because that’s what we’ve made him do. Lovely.
    P.S.: Your passed/past is my lie/lay. 🙂

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