When it rains…

Well my friends –

when it rains it does pour

as some of you know, my dad passed away this November, then we had to place my live-in mother-in-law into a nursing facility

on Sunday my beautiful energetic mom suffered a large stroke brought on by pneumonia complications – she’s an amazing woman and I’ve no doubt she’ll make a full recovery after intense rehab – I’m doing my best to keep up with things, but I won’t be doing much creatively for now

please accept my apologies if I don’t get to your comments – which I always appreciate – and I wish you wonderful creative and healthy months ahead – AnnMarie



30 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Oh AnnMarie……….For the first time in many many months, I logged into my Reader and scrolled…took a long time to get to a post by you and I began to worry. I am so so sorry to hear all this news. I know what a devoted daughter and daughter-in-law you are….and I think your son is a senior this year? Please take care of yourself while you are being pulled in so many directions. I shall say a prayer for your strong and beautiful mom that she keeps her spirit up, fighting through rehab….and a prayer for your mother-in-law as well. But mostly, my thoughts shall be with you and hope you can carve out some time for yourself to be quiet, expect the best, calm your spirit, mind and body so you can stay strong. Thinking of you dear old WordPress friend,

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    • …and I realize, looking at your post here, that I don’t think I realized you lost your dad as well. Heartbreak on heartbreak………soothing thoughts to you. Losing a parent is so very very difficult….and the shifting in roles from you being the child to you parenting your parent…such a demanding one and such an emotional turn as well. As I said, thinking of you……..take care, my friend.

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      • the ever-seemingly indestructible Italian patriarch – disappearing in his sleep
        I still think he will walk through my door, put one of his big square hands on my face and kiss my forehead

        things have shifted and temporarily tilted
        but we’ve had a good long time with the man named Vito – I like to believe he’s in the big white kitchen with the rest of ’em, smiling, playing cards and drinking wine

        thank you for your gentle thoughts, my friend


    • hello, Lillian
      the last stretch of months has been a long one
      it will pass, as life does its thing
      giving and taking
      for me, it’s just been taking in
      a back-to-back whirlwind
      but time will ease the moment’s stresses
      my father enjoyed a good long life
      my mother-in-law is not long for this world
      god willing, my mom makes a good recovery and can stay with us for a while longer
      Caroline transferred to U of Albany
      Max has his set his sights on being a criminal prosecutor – and yes, he’s a senior now
      I’m looking forward to my studio return in the near future – I miss it so
      always lovely to read your words and thoughts here my friend


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