Don’t Love Them Too Much

I’ve been gone awhile. Spending many days in the nursing home with my beautiful mom. Hope you’re all well and excited for a colorful Autumn. I’m hard at work trying to pull together a labor-of-love; a poetry collection about care-giving, love, loss and family. I’ve been doing loads of writing offline. As you know, getting published is uphill all the way. So, my friends, onward and upward. ❤️

I’m thrilled to have this piece, Don’t Love Them Too Much, published in the Front Porch Review! Click anywhere here in this red copy and visit the Front Porch Review. Many talented writers visiting the charming home there!

21 thoughts on “Don’t Love Them Too Much

    • thank you, dan
      as always, too kind with adjectives😊but sincerely appreciated
      my mom unfortunately will not get better, keeping her comfortable is the next best thing and that’s what we’re trying to do😊being with her goes a long way🌹


      • Your welcome that sucks about your mom. Sucks big time. But spend as much time as you can. I talked to Mike on his birthday we talked about glory days when everyone played basketball in elementary school i was the best player i had one guy that had my number but i beat him eventually i was very manic when i played which made me fast and i just copied old nba like bird magic dr j people still remember when i was the best no regrets with the writing my new thing its nice to have those memories and know everyone remembers

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  1. Oh, AM…treasure those times with your precious mother. Daddy is 93 and I am struggling to imagine a world without him in it, knowing that even though I turned 70 yesterday, I’m not ready to be the adult in our family yet. Hugs to you. – Fawn

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  2. Dear Ann Marie,
    Cousin Kimmie here..,
    Your work is so beautiful… bittersweet words…, deep truths are never easy to navigate (never mind finding words to articulate!!), & never without bumps and bruises… many of your words reflect my own thoughts & feelings…
    ‘Life happens’ as they say, & I’ve tried to connect periodically…,
    … I’m actually visiting ‘Auntie Mell”, in HER nursing home room at this moment, & she always asks if I’ve had any success in connecting…
    …these seasons fly by…
    She (&I) send our Love to All…💖

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    • wow! hi there, kimmie!
      so nice reading you here – yes, this time of life is difficult and challenging – what keeps me going is how my mother lived her life – she lived it well! – hi to mella from us – i can’t wait to tell millie –
      health and happiness your way too –


  3. It’s been far too long, Ann Marie. I’m so glad I happened to hit the “following” in my Word Press. I admit, have not done that for a long long time. But so glad I did this morning to find this beautiful post of yours. I’m remembering much earlier posts about your mom and dad. Oh the joy in life they had – and it was so apparent in their writing. I also remember when you moved your “studio” in your home to make room as you took over the “parenting” role. My heart goes out to you. I know your family enjoys the Christmas season – so hope the light and love of the season comforts your mom in the nursing home….and also brings you serenity. Hoping your kids will be home with you and happiness will surround you.
    Beautiful beautiful poem.

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    • Hi there, Lillian!
      How are you! I thank you for your thoughtfulness and appreciate your kind words. These last 2 years have been a journey for sure. Writing has been my release from the sadness. I focus on the wonderful memories my folks were blessed to create. And though my mom is in the situation she is now, I remind myself, it will be but a blip in this amazing woman’s long and beautiful life.
      I hope you and your family are well and keep warm during this joyous holiday season! So nice to read you here – thank you

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