From my dragon to yours

holidragondragon / dragons [ drag-uhnz]

are cruel; bring good fortune; are the stuff of legend; are born of pre-scientific conjecture; are endangered; protect the gods; hide from man; are heart balms in stuffed lizards; are vicious plastic forms on gaming boards; have multiple heads; are purple singers with green polka dots; eat humans; protect mankind; have wings whether invisible or not; don’t do transactional relationships; are powerful cinematic stars; are shy; are pure of heart; have Sir Sean Connery’s voice; have honor; have the name Draco, Lachrymose or Puff; carry your fire.

Though their remarkable eyes are permanently shut, each vivid bright eye (they have two, they have twenty) follows you through a transparent scale. Your dragon always sees you even when you are alone in the world.

From my dragon to yours,

Merry Holidays to you and your loved ones

Be safe, be well, enjoy some flaming rum punch and never stop embracing your fire…

(image above – Holly Dragon makes an appearance every Christmas)

10 thoughts on “From my dragon to yours

    • Hi there DS
      Thank you
      We’ve grown older and wiser and have learned how we must hold onto our fire!
      A Merry Merry and a Happy Happy my friend
      You know we’ll be chatting through the holidays:)


    • Ah, thank you, Cindy:)
      My mom’s only brother, used to sing, Puff, to us when we were little. Uncle Robert’s, sweet gentle voice remains magic in my heart.
      Happy Holidays to you and your magical camera:)


  1. Hey AnnMarie I know you are busy but I thought I’d wish you a Merry Christmas. I did Rita one of my loves and wrote nice things on her real estate company she got good promotion for her ive known her nearly 30 years almost her whole life and knowing have
    her so well i could point out all the good things about her. I enjoy her success shes my friend im still writing im 100pgs through my new book gabby and rita i had done 2 1000pgs books one for each of them i share the book with both because i don’t want any of the girls feel like second choice. I’m healthy my diabetes is not bad and my mental illness i think is under control. well let me know what are you doing for xmas for me turkey dinner and then a movie. take care my friend and know there is one balding sightly overweight guy who will always be in your corner.

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    • HI there, Dan!
      You’re endlessly supportive of all those in your circle and that kindness comes back:) Keep on doing all the good works you do, on and off the page! Here’s to your good health in 2023!

      Just like Thanksgiving here, family members will fill my home; they’ll make the holiday more festive than any bright decorations – and goodness, I’ve put up plenty of those;)

      Merry, merry Christmas!
      Merry Christmas

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  2. Hey AnnMarie hope the new year has started off well for you and will continue to be great. I had a rough start so far over the holidays in my apartment building is flooded with cases of covid its spreading its frustrating because some people are not wearing masks some are refusing to go to the doctor or hospital and yes a lot of people have been hospitalized. There have been some who got over it. There are people in here who are older up to 97 so older people could die from it but i think more people its just like the flu get it for a couple weeks and recover. I went home on Dec 22nd and got a email from housing that there were many people sick and a call from a tenant telling me to stay home. Same tenant told me updates but says most people are staying in their rooms. It’s stressful for me but i got a good care team and a place i can crash at my parents. I got a lot of work to do when I get back to my appartment. But I’ll take my time and stay safe. I got a real great friend who is here for me every second of the day she really cares about me i have learned. a rare special friend

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    • Oh, Dan – geez – I’m sorry for all your worries, you are being thoughtful with your health as well as with the health of those around you. That’s the best and most you can do! It is frustrating, I understand and empathize. The last thing you want to be doing, when you’ve got so many things you’d rather do. I’m always glad to know you persevere with your creative talents and continue writing. You’re committed to your craft! Hey, I wish you a wondrous 2023. You’ll get beyond all this and come out positive and earnest as you always do. Truly amazing and admirable!


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