senior moments


words are never empty

empty words
no such things
words have never been
and can never be empty
heavy, yes
thick, cumbersome
devoid of life
platitude dense
all these things words can be
but never empty
they are full
sometimes so much
their very weight
drags inspired arms
to the floor
gentle hands
lose hopeful grip
souls, hearts
cannot defend themselves
against cutting letters
so don’t ever tell me of empty words
there are only hollow thoughts
where your heavy words
have collapsed

Harem Eyes

Harem Eyes

art previously published

I’m Getting a Blogtox Injection

Dear Friends,
I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen – perhaps by week’s end – but my site will be down temporarily. If all goes according to plan, I should return in a day or two. If my blogtox injection goes south, things may take a bit longer. I’m having a lovely, straightforward and user-friendly redesign done. The most important aspect of the revision is the pulldown menu for my artwork and writing. You fabulous people can simply go to the pulldown menu to view art that’s been in my posts and other misc. pieces. The writing portion will take a bit longer to set up. I’d like to place portions of manuscripts there.

I’m hoping and dreaming (mostly because I can’t sing like Maria ‘Meneghini’ Callas or play my new banjo) to have some artwork published, before I hit an age where my children fight over whose turn it is to visit me in the ‘home’… Right now I have one concept for a children’s book and another concept for an adult ‘whimsical’ art book. I’d like to send ‘publishers’ and other interested nice folks to my site where artwork and writing can be viewed..
Desire, diligence, dreaming and duck luck will decide my fun future fate…



Until then, I’ll continue posting and dreaming that you continue visiting. You know how I adore your wonderful companionship. I’ll do my best to visit you as well (assuming I haven’t thrown my MacBook out the window) 🙂
Thank you…


Seeing through the Flog

It is Valentine’s Day 2014. Outside is covered in snow too deep to even call it a blanket – it’s more like one of those comforters you start to shop for when you’re nearing 50 ’cause you’re always cold except on the nights you rip all the covers off ’cause your beyond human sweat.

Truth be told this is my second attempt at blogging. I began a blog 2 years ago (if I remember correctly) but stopped, fearing I didn’t quite grasp the medium. Here I am two years later hoping I’m a wee bit smarter because I read a blog book and watched WP tutorials. My fifteen-year old daughter can’t believe my tech ignorance at times, but in those moments I gently remind her how I helped her with some HS art projects  ’cause that’s what comes naturally to me. My thirteen-year old son will simply sigh and return to playing Xbox (during his alotted time of course!).

I’ve written over nine manuscripts (submitted to the big houses and have built an extensive rejection file thick enough to be used as booster seat – I did get a few second reads – those positive rejections have kept me writing), I draw and paint, sometimes attempt poetry, I now write a little monthly column for my local paper, I enjoy coming up with catchy slogans or images on tees, – in short, I’m all over the place and my places aren’t always connected. This new blog, anntogether is my best hope for getting all the things I love in one place while reading and seeing and enjoying what others do in this ginormous, creative community.

So here’s to a day of love, snow-shoveling and thinking good thoughts.

ps Please bear with me on my blog’s nakedness. I hope to add picts and color…as I go…