outside echoes

almost frightens me, returning to these older pieces and rewriting them entirely, save a salvageable line or two
what’s scary is how I thought the originals – when written – were halfway decent
I took this photo off my back deck a few weeks ago


please do not leave me alone

please don’t leave me alone
with me
she isn’t always patient
often acerbic
with her
demanding the muse
to squat in her studio
silent so she can think
with or without a voice
outside her
this night is especially dark
 blustering trees their arms grabbing
wind pushes those
in his way
muse on a dead leaf
brilliant color now diminished
from overuse
the sky is howling
autumn is upon them
muse and artist
with no words or lines
thoughts in color
passed summer’s glow
dead umber like soil in shadow
ideas in flat space
wind cannot reach
muse cannot speak
senses dulled enough
to hibernate
please don’t leave me alone
I can’t think in dark caves

Shy Bear/Prisma

Shy Bear/Prisma

Tonight, I Am a Lynx

My Friends,
There are days I’m a powerful lioness hunting together with my pride. Other days I’m a cheetah running with spectacular bursts of speed. Sometimes I’m a spoiled, domestic cat sleeping in the lap of a friend, by a warm fire.

I learned tonight that the lynx is found in boreal forests that have cold, snowy winters. But what caught my attention about this beautiful predator, is its sense of solitude. The lynx likes to hunt and travel alone. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.

As the icy snow adds deeper dimension to the undulating ground cover and the winter chill ignores the thermal windowpanes there is an odd sense that time has stopped. Tonight, I imagine myself a lynx and the idea of being alone is a nice one. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.
lynx eyesThank you. May you dream a soft, sleepy winter night and traveling quietly, your paws softly pattering in clouds of snow.
Lynx created in 2007