Hopefully My Mom Can Paddle as Well as She Sings!

Dear friends,
This past weekend I visited my folks. My mom had purchased tickets (an early birthday present for me) to see my all time favorite Broadway actor – Mandy Patinkin sing with Patti Lupone (another favorite). My sis, delicate daughter and amazingly vivacious 78-year-old mother stopped at a Vegan Cafe before the show –

mom green wall(sister, delicate daughter, beautiful mom)

The show was fantastic, no surprises there-

mandyThe big surprise was my dad’s special gift for his wife. My mother – bless her young heart – plays tennis, serves as an Art Committee Chairman, enjoys swimming…in short she loves life and lives it well. She got the idea into her head this year, she’d like to take up kayaking. Her six children advised against it. My father – usually a conservative thinker – threw caution to the wind and gave his spirited wife a shiny new, red kayak for Mother’s Day-

kayakI love my mother dearly. She is so many things to so many people. Her talents are many. She has a beautiful soprano voice. She sang the Ave Maria at her wedding, as well as mine-

mom & dad weddingI painted this watercolor portrait in 2009 for my parents’
50th Wedding Anniversary celebration

I hope when the shiny red kayak touches down on the lake for its maiden voyage, my mother can paddle as well as she sings…

20 thoughts on “Hopefully My Mom Can Paddle as Well as She Sings!

  1. Anntogether, thank you for the flattering comments…I would still love you if you told the truth that I have no willpower and am fat…I will really keep trying to do you know what in Florida… I love you and all your special family…Mom


    • Dearest mom,
      You are beautiful no matter what size you happen to be at the time – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller – none of that matters. All that matters is your heart, energy and enthusiasm for your family and for life 🙂
      ps thanks again, for bringing me into the world!
      pss those darn bathing suits do us all in 😉
      psss Have a great time in Florida and don’t swim too far out into the ocean unless a lifeguard is present!


    • Thank you, Patti – for your lovely words. I so appreciate your taking the time to visit. And yes, it was a wonderfully daring and bright gift! I only hope my mom can get in and out of the kayak okay
      😉 Though she did raise 6 kids, I’m sure she’ll figure it out 🙂


  2. Beautiful painting! And what a sweet guy, your dad is. Did your mom use the kayak yet? I remember doing it for the first time. It looked a lot scarier than it actually was. But then, I wasn’t in rough waters at all.


    • Ah, thank you. Yes, my dad has his moments 🙂
      My 5 other sibs and I made my mom promise she’d only use the kayak when big strong people are around to assist – she has gone out with another couple. Once she’s in the boat it’s fine – for her it’s the entrance and exit that are problematic 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed your kayak experience. It is nice to be out to sea sans motor noises 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • There’s supposed to be lots of places around Brooklyn and Queens that offer free kayaking. Now I’m itching to try it. I’m glad your mom got a chance to use it. My mom is in her 70s and she decided to try power sailing for the first time. I’m in my 30s and that scares the life out of me!…but so inspiring. I should take more risks. Anyway, high five to your mom.


      • Kudos to your mom as well – I adore these women who continue to entertain themselves with life as opposed to the alternative – they’re so very inspiring. My mom’s vibrant lifestyle and approach to life itself often shames me into doing so much more! 🙂
        AnnMarie 🙂
        ps Go forth and kayak 🙂


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