The Quiet Humble of a Role Model

Dear Friends,
I’m a floating sideline spectator whenever the giant husband and big son are entertained by crunching helmets, leaping high-tops or cracking bats. Once in a while, I’ll land on the couch and observe the action up close. Above the din, there is one echo I listen for. A sound one must hear with both ears open these days – the quite humble of a role model. It’s a rare combination of platinum ethics and golden athletic prowess. The man donning pinstripes No.2 possesses this treasured combination. Each time Derek Jeter tips his cap, he lifts a young fan’s heart.

Throughout Derek Jeter’s prolific career, his on – but more importantly – his off-field image has gleamed. One sometimes wonders the plausibility of such a feat anymore when ridiculous entitlement breeds contempt. Derek Jeter has exhibited with grace and class how to be outrageously talented yet quietly humble. And now I’ll wait for a few more superstars to step up to the plate and shine for all those watching, including my children…

max wrestlingPerhaps in the end, I admire Derek Jeter most for his endearing sentiments-
“You try to carry yourself the right way. I’ve always tried to do that. Then again I am who I am. I don’t try to be any different. If people respect you for the way that you carry yourself, it means a lot to me and it means a lot to my family. It makes you feel good.”  -Derek Jeter as quoted by the Associated Press

upside down carolineThank you and goodnight. May you dream of the world’s children playing ball happily together.

Photo of the big son at age 12, taken during last year’s wrestling season
Acrylic painting, Delicate Daughter & Big Son, 4′ x 2′ on canvas, 2008

6 thoughts on “The Quiet Humble of a Role Model

  1. AnnMarie, there is a terrific message here for all to read — and then follow. I hope you know how rediculously talented you are as a writer and as an artist. The way you turn a sentence is always so interesting and fun — and your artwork … well, so much to be envious there! I hope you’re enjoying your summer break. You certainly are being so productive and creative during the time off, and we the readers are the beneficiaries — yeah us!


    • You’re too sweet. Geez, thank you Debra 🙂
      I humbly appreciate your kind words. I write the scrambled stuff in my head and sometimes I get lucky. Most times, I think what I’ve just done doesn’t read right, but I can’t fix it up anymore.
      I’m glad you’re being entertained by my little musing, as I enjoy reading the Cdog files 🙂
      I’m enjoying the summer, though much of it is being spent transporting kiddies to and fro. I finally wised up and visited the library for some books on CD
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Thank you again you wonderfully kind animal protector
      Hope your dog is feeling well 🙂


    • You’re a wise woman indeed, Fawn. That’s exactly what he does. We often refer to him as a Viking. Goodness knows the rest of us are slightly whacky. Must be the Italian blood. The kiddies are only half, but I’m 100% insane 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Hope all is well with your family.


    • Thank you for that. I did see it during the All Star game, but this is one of those cinematic ads I can watch over and over again and I did thanks to you! It tugs at the apple in the throat every time. Perhaps, Derek Jeter’s homespun appeal resonates long enough to ply more contemporary athletes to own a touch of humility…
      AnnMarie 🙂


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