In an Elephant’s Eye

Dear Friends,
Do you ever have one of those outer-body experiences? It usually happens when you pose the intrusive question, “Who am I really?” Then you become aptly concerned when you don’t have enough solid information to answer yourself. Sometimes outer-body occurs after staring at your reflection too long. You investigate the mask you happen to be wearing at the time and think, “Is this what they see when they see me?”

The elephant is one of a handful of mammals who recognizes its own reflection. This beautiful creature doesn’t get caught up in human over-analyzations. In an elephant’s eye it sees who it is – nothing more, nothing less – it sees itself and simply knows its purpose for the day…

elephant eye:trunkI had a little fun with this beautiful creature, imparting human qualities upon its regal form. I thought if elephants were people they might become a tad self-concious after watching, The Biggest Loser.

Belly Mask

Belly Mask

Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of tutu-clad elephants dancing a lullaby…

Elephant close-up rendered in Prisma on construction paper, 2009 
Belly Mask rendered in Prisma July 14, 2014

8 thoughts on “In an Elephant’s Eye

  1. Perfect philosophical words I need to hear AnnMarie — thank you! Love the pictures of the elephants. We’re cleaning my mother-in-law’s house out now and she had a huge collection of elephants, including some cool books I’ve been looking through. I didn’t know that elephants are one of the only animals who can actually recognize their own reflections – very cool! Anyhoo, thanks again for this post! 🙂


    • Hey, you’re supposed to be chilling with the recuperating pooch 🙂 Did I miss a post about your mom-in-law’s passing – I’m sorry for your loss.
      My grandmother collected elephants as does my younger sister. I’d read that about elephants recently – if memory serves there are also dolphins and monkey species that recog themselves…
      I thought it was interesting 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      make sure you guys catch up on your sleep in between cleaning


    • If the corn can’t grow as high as an elephant’s eye, one should try farming carrots 😉
      Thanks for the up-thumb, it’s truly appreciated.
      currently listening to Porgy and Bess (original sound track) Poitier, Dandridge, Davis Jr. & Bailey – it’s wonderful 🙂


    • Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you to say and I do so appreciate the up-thumb 🙂
      I have a long way to go with where I’d like to be artistically and sharing is great incentive to keep improving.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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