31 thoughts on “Sparkling Eyes

  1. Hi AnnMarie!
    What a beautiful painting! Thanks for sharing!
    The world have lost a great man! What I loved about Robin Willams was that he wasn’t afraid to be unique and crazy in his roles. He always played them to the max. His characters were over the top and memorable.
    So rest in peace, Robin!


  2. Eyes are the windows to the sole. You captured the beauty of his so well, and the melancholy. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Robin.


  3. You took your artist-gift and used it to help yourself express how many of us feel today as we grieve for someone who did his best to entertain us….he will be missed…so sad that he died the way he did. Thank you for your compassion!


    • I always found his eyes to look a bit sad, even when he was smiling. A good soul with his spontaneous humor and his compassionate works – the world needs so many more Robin Williams’ not less.
      Thank you.


    • He’s gone on to the Big White Kitchen in the sky. In my heart it’s where everyone goes and there all playing cards, drinking wine, laughing and my grandfather is making his famous tomato sauce…
      Thank you,


    • It’s funny, many people – as I’ve been reading – saw a sadness in his eyes…
      Beyond his death, I feel sad for folks suffering with depression – if a man with a life like Williams: spontaneous funny-bone, dramatic capacity, good heart and fortune lost the battle – I hope other fellow sufferers don’t feel ‘more’ despondent at this time. Someone near to me suffers with depression, it can be a most difficult uphill journey…


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