Moonskin and a Blue Monster

Dear Friends,
The saturday night moon… Something about soft blue light bathing parts of vulnerable skin, the bedroom window allows to be touched. So peaceful this moonlight. Smiling, forgetting my head sinking into the mattress because that old pillow has seen better days. Like a child – I was – in that satin light. Our dachshund curled under the comforter; a tunneler by trade. Shouldn’t he be howling or something?

A few months ago, the big son was perusing my high school yearbook. He found my senior picture, looked a few moments then said, “Mom, you looked pretty.” I smiled. He made me feel young like that satin moonlight, if only for a moment.

hs pic.668And of course, now that I’m lots older, more wrinkled and much wiser, the moonlight also inspires other things. I like to call this lovely birdie, Bluebell. He rises with the sunset and enjoys all things in blue moon light.

bluebellIf you should meet him please don’t worry, he harbors a sweet disposition, but just to be safe, I’d let him be…unless the moon is extra bright…

bluebell closeupThank you and goodnight. May delicious blue moonlight guide you to dreamland…
High School grad photo taken 1981 yikes! Bluebell images created in 2010…

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22 thoughts on “Moonskin and a Blue Monster

    • I thank you from the bottom of my wrinkling heart 😉
      You’re very sweet to say so…and I pay the compliment back…we ’80’s gals must stick together, forever bound by twelve tons of hairspray – no one did big hair like us!
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your big son was right, you know. In 1981 I was getting married for the second time the second week in June…probably right about at graduation for you. Falling asleep with the moonlight shining in the window is one of my favorite things. And now I can imagine a special blue creature out there on the fence. Happy moonlight, AnnMarie. – Fawn


    • Thank you Fawn. The big son is a big mush and I hope he never changes. He’s going to make some girl very happy (I just hope she likes visiting her mother-in-law 😉 ) The moon on saturday was just so stunning and peaceful, wasn’t it… Gosh, I can remember the day of that school picture – though my memory is awful in general – we all had to stand in the nearby woods and lean on trees. And you were getting married in ’81 – and now our paths have crossed and happily so 🙂
      Enjoy the summer moon…and Bluebell – he’d like you, he loves all good souls.
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. Hello Miss,
    We 80s folks really did do hair well didn’t we? Heck, my hair was even kind of big back then. Think Andre Agassi but with more gel. Sometimes I even used my girlfriend’s Aqua Net hairspray! You and I graduated one year apart, so I probably have less wrinkles than you, but you still seem to have great hair! Joking aside, the years have been very compassionate to you. This flying blue moon monster eagle thingy is sort of disturbing though 🙂


    • Ah, the ’80’s – and we all survived the intoxicating aroma of Aqua Net! You should have approximately 1/10th less wrinkling (don’t ask, math was never my strong suit). My hair growing has definitely slowed, I’ve donated my hair a few times in the last few years, but I think getting those 10 inches with hair to spare is coming to a close. WIth this whole aging thing, I’ll settle for my beautiful mom’s smile and energy – she’s 78 and plays tennis, bowls, kayaks…and laughs all the time… My 83 year old father is purchasing a convertible Fiat – stick-shift of course…if you see it on the road, move out of the way, he still thinks he’s 20 🙂
      My blue bird monster was one of my first original monsters, I’ve got many more on the way 🙂 I think my family is really beginning to worry about me with this latest series of whimsy monsters 🙂
      Have a terrific week…and thank you for your kindness…
      AnnMarie 🙂


  3. This is absolutely beautiful — as are YOU! A wise son you have raised, indeed. Class of ’84 myself…always been proud to call myself an ’80s gal. Nice to know I’m in such stellar company!!!


  4. Very beautiful picture 🙂 There´s something special about highschool pictures .Way before filters , megapixel smartphone and selfies .Either your eyes was opened or either you blinked on the group photos and in my case being one of very few black people @ my school ..the light! .Most of my highschool pictures you can barely see me … just my smile *lol ..Hope all is well and that you are surrounded by love ❤ ….Ps .., Just read that if the eyes was a camera lense we would have equal 576 mpx resolution …. wow 🙂


    • My left eye is lazy and getting lazier. Note how it is closed more than the right – like Sly Stallone. Hey, maybe I ‘shoulda’ been a boxer – I am quite punchy 😉 From what I see of your smile, Simon – I’m quite certain you lit up the entire area as you continue to. 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • Both my eyes are sleepy and I always look like I just got up and been paying a tribute to Bob Marley ..I do smile a lot and my friends often describes me as a cartoon character with my waving hands and jumping up and down when I get excited ..In my world I´m the alpha male , the son of a bassa warrior but when my daughters tells me that I´m more like winnie the pooh I have to admit that they might be right … Hope all is well ❤


      • I believe SImon, you possess the heart and spirit of the gentle warrior prince – you are be both bassa warrior and Pooh 🙂
        I’m in my glory getting some real artwork done…not thinking about summer ending and things getting all wonky again with school 🙂


    • Ah, you’re too kind. Black and white is very kind as well 😉
      My son is a good kid and a kind person. People that know him, including many of his teachers, say he’s an old soul trapped in a young boy.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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