Dappled Sunlight

Dear Friends,
Was it so long ago four little feet shuffled up the silent, curving driveway? The trees were especially kind that summer day as they cooled your bright bodies. Filtered sunlight painted dappled patches on your skin. You held your brother’s hand. Your brother held tight both your hand and his blue, plastic golf club. Our Shepherd guarded you both as if you were her own pups.

But as fast as the leaves left the trees, you both grew. Your feet wandering off that silent driveway and onto other travelled roads. Today, tomorrow or wherever your paths take you, keep in your hearts that dappled day when the sun was warm and the light was cool and we had a picnic lunch on the soft green grass…

car and max on roadHow quickly the young gallop away…

zebrasThank you and goodnight. May you count your blessings instead of sheep this night…
Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂
Delicate daughter and big son taken 2002 at our old house in the woods, zebras rendered in Prisma 2008

12 thoughts on “Dappled Sunlight

  1. That one brought tears to my eyes, AnnMarie. My babies are 41 and pushing 30, and I don’t know how it happened! My tall granddaughter starts 3rd grade this week, and short stuff will be in 4-year old preschool. Time gallops on. – Fawn


    • Hi there Fawn. I was in a teary mood myself. I was home alone making art while rest of family was out and about. Though my kiddies are only teens – to think of the years zooming by sometimes is overwhelming. It’s all good though, no complaints. Though, I’m thinking about teaching my dogs how to brew coffee. 🙂
      You have a fantastic weekend and I hope all is well on your end. It’s wonderful how your grandchildren are such a huge part of your life.
      AnnMarie 🙂


    • Hi Bethan,
      How very sweet of you to think of my blog for this ‘lovely’ award. I do so appreciate the nod. I humbly accept and will put it together this coming weekend.
      I perused your blog – you’re quite a sassy and determined young lady! 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      I watched the entire Breaking Bad series this summer with my daughter. It was fantastic!


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