soft island

needless to say – the gorgeous face here is my darling mother at 18 –

this piece is one of those experimental canvases – like picking up a pencil and doodling – unsure of the journey – but comforting all the same ūüĆĻ

fake smells

behind studio walls
tech lights flicker
trapped little flames attempt escape
desk ticks
white noise suffocates
beneath night’s cape
foxes hunt
coyotes beckon
stars breathe
should go out and play
with the ‘rousing moonlight
and the wild dogs
who don’t give a crap
about silly jar candles
with fake smells

foxFox in Prisma done 2008

less-guilty lovers

the moon’s giant eyes stare down
and glisten across the sheets
blue beams cut knife shapes
across our naked flesh
the sharp edges don’t slice
though we will cut apart
those we love
(rephrase for less guilt)
those we like
if love was there
neither would be here
with the moon’s foreplay
illuminating eager intentions
hoping love makes it through the window
like the silver-blue glare
we’re just two more
selfish lovers
in a world
with the same

Sharp Cupid

I hope this writing was a good enough excuse to use this previously published drawing – she’s one of my favorites

Moonskin and a Blue Monster

Dear Friends,
The saturday night moon… Something about soft blue¬†light bathing parts of vulnerable¬†skin, the¬†bedroom window allows to be touched. So peaceful this¬†moonlight. Smiling, forgetting my head sinking into the mattress because that old pillow has seen better days. Like a child¬†–¬†I was – in that satin light. Our¬†dachshund curled¬†under the comforter;¬†a tunneler¬†by trade. Shouldn’t he be howling or something?

A few months ago, the big¬†son was perusing¬†my high school yearbook. He found my senior picture, looked a few moments¬†then said, “Mom, you looked pretty.” I smiled. He made me feel young like that satin moonlight, if only for a moment.

hs pic.668And of course, now that I’m lots older, more wrinkled and much wiser, the moonlight also inspires other things. I like to call this lovely birdie, Bluebell. He rises with¬†the sunset and enjoys all things in blue moon light.

bluebellIf you should meet him please don’t worry, he¬†harbors a¬†sweet disposition, but just to be safe, I’d let him be…unless the moon is extra bright…

bluebell closeupThank you and goodnight. May delicious blue moonlight guide¬†you to¬†dreamland…
High School grad photo¬†taken 1981 yikes! Bluebell images created in 2010…

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