soft island

needless to say – the gorgeous face here is my darling mother at 18 –

this piece is one of those experimental canvases – like picking up a pencil and doodling – unsure of the journey – but comforting all the same ūüĆĻ

Moonskin and a Blue Monster

Dear Friends,
The saturday night moon… Something about soft blue¬†light bathing parts of vulnerable¬†skin, the¬†bedroom window allows to be touched. So peaceful this¬†moonlight. Smiling, forgetting my head sinking into the mattress because that old pillow has seen better days. Like a child¬†–¬†I was – in that satin light. Our¬†dachshund curled¬†under the comforter;¬†a tunneler¬†by trade. Shouldn’t he be howling or something?

A few months ago, the big¬†son was perusing¬†my high school yearbook. He found my senior picture, looked a few moments¬†then said, “Mom, you looked pretty.” I smiled. He made me feel young like that satin moonlight, if only for a moment.

hs pic.668And of course, now that I’m lots older, more wrinkled and much wiser, the moonlight also inspires other things. I like to call this lovely birdie, Bluebell. He rises with¬†the sunset and enjoys all things in blue moon light.

bluebellIf you should meet him please don’t worry, he¬†harbors a¬†sweet disposition, but just to be safe, I’d let him be…unless the moon is extra bright…

bluebell closeupThank you and goodnight. May delicious blue moonlight guide¬†you to¬†dreamland…
High School grad photo¬†taken 1981 yikes! Bluebell images created in 2010…

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