4 thoughts on “where were you

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie I ate a lot today but I was hungry. I had a burger for the first time in months and had double mashed potatoes for dinner. I have been following a super strict no starch diet. I feel the same kind of tired and exhausted. I hope to God I don’t ever go back to the hospital this year. 4 times this year made my summer kind of a drag. I think with all the med adjustments that is what did it. I switched a major medication and started a new one it wasn’t a smooth transition adjusting to it. Meds take time to work and the dosage you are on can stop working or start feeling too high for your body to adjust. I feel good though AnnMarie. I feel content I have been through relapses before. It always takes time to heal and get better finally now it seems I can sit back take my socks off and rest until the time comes I am back to myself and have full mental health stability and over a period of time. ttys

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    • you are having a rough year but oh, you are persevering, Dan – keep the faith
      work toward returning to the place you need to be as you always do
      I’m so sorry, with everything else life throws at us, you have to deal with extra difficult issues on top – but you are a strong and intelligent young man –
      keep creating and enjoying that process – it is a fine remedy

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