Dear Friends,
Spring, summer, fall and winter pull each other along on their wayward journey. The Seasons ride their own express train. This locomotive’s spinning wheels are unaffected by barometric change. Rainbow boxcars screech as they hustle along the sparking track. Chuckling snowmen have begun jumping off the sidecars, holding balls of ice in their soft red mittens. Winter has arrived in North America.

I wish Season’s express train would ‘snowdown’ once in awhile and let life catch up…
SnowdownThank you. Dream beneath warm blankets of joy this night…
Galeen atop Snowman’s Head, rolled out several days ago with warm markers in hand.

16 thoughts on “Snowdown

  1. A most excellent, poetic post from the “artistic poetess” (that’s a word, right?)! I was just saying last night how it’s unbelievably cold for this time of year — for mid-November! What hellish flurries hath we in store for December, January, February (my coffee’s starting to kick in — ignore my goofishness)? Anyhoo, love that Galeen girl and her snowman buddy — a nice, warm visual for a cold, cold morning! Hope you have a wonderful day, AnnMarie!


    • According to the forecasters – it’s supposed to be quite chilly for the rest of our lives 😉
      You have a great day as well, Deb. I’m on my second cup o’brew,,, Galeen is growing on me, though she’s still too cute for total support 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • Ain’t that the truth about the climate. This is a 2-cup morning, all right. Re: Galeen: must be a reason you keep coming back to her — or she to you. ???


      • Stay warm! Galeen is a role model, 🙂 About to read an article in a writer’s magazine that argues against using social media, including blogging — hmmmm …


      • Hi Deb,
        You must let me know if you read anything interesting – like how blogging takes away from the real form and craft that is writing. Maybe that you’re apt to be taken less seriously as a word artist…or one becomes over-invested in the world that is blogging and loses sight of the real art that is writing…
        Half the time I believe I’m taken less seriously as an artist because I blog…then there is the other half that likes to dream
        AnnMarie 🙂


      • You’ve exactly raised all the issues I’m concerned about. I will let you know what I learn indeed. I think about this issue all of the time and it would be good to get your viewpoint/opinion.


  2. Love it! The drawing is adorable. I posted pictures of my four year old’s art yesterday. Now you’re inspiring me to have her decorated snowmen next! I was warm last night but didn’t sleep very well. Hoping to get through the day okay. Looking forward to seeing what you create next!


  3. AnnMarie, it is so refreshing to read your original and creative outlook on something practically everybody else I know is complaining long and hard about today on social media! I You have such a special talent. Hurray for coziness!


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