Drumsticks Are For Making Music

DrumsticksDear Friends,
Turkeys across America would appreciate if all US citizens would be so kind as to take up drum playing – preferably before the fourth thursday this November. Delicious music fills the heart and soul…

Happiest of Thanksgivings to those of you who’ll be celebrating. To all else, have a wonderful few days. As for me, I’ll be hosting Thanksgivingpalooza – which includes entertaining and feeding a houseful of 20+ crazy people for several days!

Drumsticks inspired after writing Thanksgiving Day grocery list

20 thoughts on “Drumsticks Are For Making Music

  1. Now this is one happy-looking turkey — perhaps he’s one of the “pardoned” ones! Great face, detail (and to think, writing a shopping list inspired this lovely work!). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgivingpalooza. Sounds like you may have a Pilepalooza of Snow heading your way! Warmest wishes, D.


  2. I’m joining dear friends for Thanksgiving dinner a day early because of work schedules. I used to work at Intel Corp. also and always had to work Thanksgiving day. I raise a glass of cheer to those poor National Guardsmen forced to work in Ferguson, MO instead of being with their families.


  3. I’m a vegetarian and my family extended hated coming to my house for pasta on Thanksgiving. The poster on my front door reads…HOLIDAYS ARE MURDER ON TURKEYS. I care more about stopping the murder of beautiful birds than I do about what people have for dinner. Your post is wonderful.


    • Hi there John,
      Was off blogging a few days, other then publishing a quick ‘preprepared’ post out. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. All company headed out today, except my folks who leave tomorrow. And now in a short while the giant husband and I are headed for New Jersey for a surprise b’day party for his brother. At this moment I’d like to sleep, oh well – it’s all good 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


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